Thursday, January 20, 2022

Spell - Disarm

Today we offer a 1st level transmutation spell titled Disarm! It's joining the ranks of our  'utility' spells, like Prepare for Adventure, and is finding its way into the Artificer, Bard, Cleric, and Wizard spell lists. We have the 'utility' in air quotes because make no mistake, this spell can absolutely ruin someone's day. Let's take a look at how it can do that.

The spell itself is pretty simple; it takes an action to cast and you target an object you can see worn or carried by a creature within 30 feet of you. The creature makes a Dexterity saving throw to hold the object as it starts to wiggle out of its hands. On a failed save, the object flies towards you with an audible whoosh!

Now, what's so scary about disarming someone? Battle Masters can do it at level 3, and it's only one of many options they have available to them! And it looks perfectly balanced on them! They simply chose a baddie, walk up slowly, deal some damage while casually knocking a weapon out of the hands of the foe...and then pick it up with their item interaction...and then...uh oh. There aren't convenient mechanics for getting back a weapon or object from somebody who just took it from you, outside of murder or compulsion. So...that bad guy, assuming they don't have natural weapons or spellcasting, just lost their damage output. We see the danger in disarm effects now, right? Granted, we felt as though if the mechanic exists, it should be expanded on a little farther than just a footnote on a single Fighter archetype, so we figured we'd give spellcasters a means of accomplishing this. Let us know how we did this time, and approach with caution!

5e 1st level transmutation spell Disarm spell with disarm rules

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Ranger Subclass - Mariner

Finally, as the oracles foretold, we bring you our first ranger, the fearsome Mariner! The set is complete, the seal is broken. We promise to remain (mostly) benevolent while we reign for the oncoming thousand years of darkness. We'll probably even keep making homebrew!

As for the Mariner itself, the archetype is aquatically themed, and plays a pretty strong combat-control game. A fisher of goblins and other beasties, this wily sailor is an expert at reeling in its enemies from range, and at higher levels, can then shred anything it pulls into its reach. In particular, the 11th level feature, Gut, is designed to work with not just the oceanic ranger's own harpoon tactics, but with any forced movement, making an excellent way to build powerful combat synergy into your party. A grappler, telekinetic, or other character that can drag or throw around enemies will make it easy for a Mariner to deal out some truly scary damage. 

The Sewerman has really outdone themselves with this one, which make sense; as the moistest of us, they are the most equipped to draw up a good aquatic archetype. Let us know what you think of it, and whether a particular class needs more of our attention. And, if you want to keep our nets full and be able to see all our content a week early, hit us up on Patreon! We'd love to hear from you here or there, however you please. Until next time!

Download it here:

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Spell - Wave Guard

Today we introduce a new 1st level evocation spell that adds to the water spells already in the game; Wave Guard. Spell lists ideally offer a variety of thematically focuses to allow the creation of specialist themed characters such as the classic pyromancer, or in this case, the hydromancer. We noticed that there weren't a lot of options for a 1st level spell caster aiming for water-themed spells, so we got to work crafting one! 

So what makes a good water-themed spell? Well, let's think about what water does in a lot of media. And in real life, I guess. When shot fast enough, it hits you with blunt force; sounds like bludgeoning damage. It's pretty good at shoving you around too, whether you're getting blasted by a water gun or carried away in a current. So an interesting water spell could excel at crowd control in the form of pushing enemies around, with some solid bludgeoning damage to boot.

Enter Wave Guard, a solid watery defense for your low-level characters. The spell creates a 10-foot radius of water swirling around you. Creatures in the radius must make a Strength saving throw or take 1d8 bludgeoning damage. In addition, they can be moved to any point of your choice within the radius. This spell was actually made as an option specifically for Primal Harbinger. Spells made with martial characters in mind are in low supply, which is a shame considering the satisfaction and uniqueness of character builds that truly feel like spellcasting and martial prowess are working in tandem with one another. We hope you like the spell, and we'll see you next time. 

5e 1st level evocation spell Wave Guard Druid Ranger Sorcerer Wizard spell

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Monster - Consciousness Cluster

We've had a run of (relatively) wholesome posts for you the last few weeks, but we all knew it couldn't last forever. Now, we return to our regularly scheduled programming: monsters that will kill your players' characters and ruin their ability to sleep.

The consciousness cluster is a collection of stolen minds, roaming the world searching eternally for more minds to steal and graft onto itself. Even being near such a creature is harmful to a healthy psyche, but left unchecked the cluster can rip a person's mind right out, trapping it in amongst its chaotic collection until the cluster as a whole is slain.

In actual gameplay, the cluster acts as a mobile hazard zone, as it is quite slow, and most of its dangerous traits operate within a short radius of itself. Once one is in close, though, the cluster's aura can keep conceivable keep an entire party stunned for turns and turns if they aren't properly protected. If you need a monster to challenge players to play tactically or else drown in psychic damage, the consciousness cluster has got you covered.

At a higher level, the cluster could be an interesting supplement to other aberration-themed encounters. A clutch of mind flayers may decide to cultivate consciousness clusters as sort of psionic artillery sentinels, using them to supplement their already mindless thralls, or as perimeter guards to their territory.

We're pleased with how our latest nasty tentacle child has grown up, and we hope you enjoy ruining your party's day with it sometime soon. Let us know how it runs, and what sort of critters your table needs next!

Download it here:

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Magic Item - Stirgespike

The Faded Relics are an example of complex and multifaceted magic items that can be engaging and game-changing for the player that receives them. The Siphoning Spear is an example of a magic item that affects how the player approaches combat. This week we present you with a rare magic weapon in the form of a piercing weapon rich with similar mechanical intrigue; the Stirgespike. This is a very interesting item; let's dive into what it does and what it is to dissect why!

The Stirgespike is the proboscis (that's the stinger of the insects that do that kind of thing) of a monster harvested and fashioned into a slapdash piercing weapon using various animal parts and tools. To be clear this is any magic piercing weapon, such as a magic rapier, spear, trident, lance, etc. When you stab a creature with the weapon, you can leave the proboscis in the target, disallowing you from using it as a weapon until you get it back. While a creature has the proboscis in them, they lose 1d4 + 1 hit points at the start of each of their turns which you gain in temporary hit points. And don't fret too much about the missing spike, you just can recover it with a bonus action. And the enemy has to waste an entire action to yank it out; talk about action economy!

Flavorfully, this magic item gives a good worldbuilding opportunity to a DM. If a community is having a stirge problem, or something similar, and the people living there are resourceful and down on their luck, this magic item communicates all of this well. Moreover, we like how it feels to play with. The player has to decide which enemy they're going to stick with the spike, and then the DM has to decide whether they want to burn the action to get rid of it. We hope you enjoy this item, and we'll catch you next time!

5e magic rapier piercing weapon Stirgespike