Friday, December 3, 2021

Spell - Deep Sleep

Our spells up to this point, such as Arctic Rush and Prepare for Adventure, have been largely centered around player usage. However, the place certain spells hold in a DM's toolbox should not be underrated. Many spells in DnD, such as Magic Mouth and Guards and Wards, seem designed in a manner that suits the needs of DM's as well as, if not better than, those of players. 'DM spells' often are not immediately useful in most combat or exploration scenarios, but instead offer interesting utility, situations, and environmental changes. These provide the mechanical guidelines for plot hooks, unforeseen complications, and even whole campaigns. 

Deep Sleep is what we would consider a 'DM spell'. This 4th level enchantment spell allows Bards, Sorcerers, and Wizards to force a target creature they've spoken to for a minute about the value of a particular item to make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the target accepts the item and dons it appropriately before falling into a deep slumber. While sleeping in this way, the creature is immune to all damage, does not need to eat, drink, or breathe, does not age, and their heart even stops beating as their body becomes cold. They remain asleep until the donned object, which cannot be removed while the creature is affected by this spell, has been destroyed, or until the duration of the spell ends.

This spell offers a lot for a DM in search of an interesting side quest or an unexpected development. Perhaps a distressed man beseeches the party's assistance in waking his partner from their mysterious slumber. Or maybe a king has been stricken by a sleeping curse, and it's up to the party to find the perpetrating mage! Of course, this spell has utility to players as well; the DM isn't the only one who can take advantage of more niche spells to create some bizarre situations. Maybe the party answers their violent debt collectors by playing dead! However you envision it, we hope you can put this spell of ours to good use in your books, and we look forward to hearing about it next time!

4th level Spell - Deep Sleep 5e homebrew bard sorcerer cleric

Monday, November 29, 2021

Full Class - Madcap

I don't know about you, but my favorite player characters, whether they were my own or just across the table from me, have always been those with a little extra flair, a unique style all their own. Usually this style came from the player themselves, playing an otherwise normal character with a certain extra showmanship, but this got us, and especially our Sewerman, thinking; why do the players have to add stylish play to a character? What if that extra pizzazz was built in?  Could there be a class that was, in its very mechanical bones, extra as hell?

The Sewerman got cooking, and from their cauldron has come our third full class, the Madcap, a class built explicitly to encourage and reward style and showmanship in gameplay. A damage-dealing arcane half-caster, madcaps are designed to blend martial swordplay and aggressive spellcasting to devastate their enemies. In addition, all madcaps gain 'flair points' as they deal damage, which they store up and then spend in bursts to augment their normal weapon attacks with magical tricks and maneuvers. That way, even if a madcap runs low on spell slots, they are never fully reduced to just being a worse fighter; only death will stop you from being an obnoxious gish.

For their subclasses, madcaps each choose a 'persona', a dramatic archetype that defines what sort of over the top character they act as, and each persona offers the player specialized ways to gain flair points by leaning into a particular style of combat, from heroism, to cruelty, to pure unpredictability. We've prepared four archetypes for you already, but if there's a flavor of madman you think we overlooked, let us know! 

Below, you can have a look at the sample version of the madcap, which includes the first handful of levels and the start of two personas. It's enough to get a taste, but if you can't wait to get your hands on the full document, you have two options:

The most direct will be to buy it from our Ko-Fi shop for 5 gold dollars, every copper cent of which will go right us, and right back into our next batch of projects. Our second class, the Enjoiner, is also there, in case you want the complete set up to this point, but keep the link in your back pocket, as we have big plans for more content in the near future.

However, if you want to get Madcap and be primed to receive anything else we make as we make it, anyone subscribed to our Patreon at 5 dollars or more gains access not only to madcap, but also to enjoiner, as well as all our normal weekly content a full week early! Supporting us on Patreon is the best way you can support us, and best way for you to stay involved and up to date on all that we do as our projects and community grow!

We hope you enjoy our new flashy creation, and that we see you again soon for our next project!

Download the sample here:

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Spell - Madcap Spells

In case you haven't heard, here's a special announcement in the form of some new homebrew spells; we're releasing a new class for 5e, the Madcap! Similar to when we released Fiendish Chains before releasing Enjoiner, another spellcasting class of ours, we feel like presenting these original spells before we release Madcap will give a better idea on what this class accomplishes in flavor and mechanics. The Madcap is a half spellcaster that fuels its martial prowess and evocative spellcasting with its eccentric and ostentatious sense of self; or their persona. They fill a space in half caster spell lists we feel hasn't been filled yet; this hotshot half caster has a list composed entirely of flashy, swingy, and high damage spells.

The spells we've crafted and selected for this class illustrate this philosophy, represented by the predominance of evocation spells being featured. For starters, Lightshow, a dramatic high damage 3rd level evocation spell that can be spread across multiple targets, encapsulates this caster's spell list quite well. Similarly, Flash, a 1st level evocation spell that blinds creatures in a sphere, may not damage opponents, but is very, well, flashy. Another non-damaging homebrew spell we gave them is the 5th level conjuration spell Redirection, the only spell on this list not from the evocation school, which allows the Madcap to trade places with another creature when targeted by an attack, spell, or ability, easily making up for its lack of direct damage with its tricky presentation and the swing potential it carries in combat. Finally, an older spell in Arctic Rush makes a return; no damage, only style here.

We hope these spells demonstrate what Madcap is all about; pain, dramatic flavor, and big fight swinging potential. Half casters haven't had many official spells like these, such as Fireball and Lightning Bolt, on their spell lists because they're generally too powerful for characters with plenty of features and martial prowess. Additionally, Artificer, Paladin, and Ranger don't quite fit the flavor criteria to be learning powerful arcane spells. However, Madcap has specifically been balanced around possessing these highly impactful spells, lending to a very high octane half caster we hope you'll all enjoy!

It's release comes this Monday, so keep an eye out for it on our Ko-Fi shop, or get instant access upon release by subscribing at $5 or more to our Patreon; stay bold, and we'll see you then!

Download it here:

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Monster - Deep Sea Star

Monsters that have minions are a classic, but villains have to innovate to keep up with the times. To help, we offer you the latest in hero-devouring technology: a monster made of minions. 

The Deep Sea Star, like its more mundane cousins, regrows severed limbs, and its severed limbs regenerate full sea stars. Even worse, a seemingly dead star will usually reawaken barely an hour later, meaning a single star can quickly turn into many, many monsters. And, unlike their docile cousins, every Deep Sea Star hates you, and will kill you. Without specially tailored methods, hurting a Deep Sea Star will only propagate more mouths for it to use to eat you.

Players might have trouble exterminating a Deep Sea Star infestation even with some planning, but a particularly diabolical DM could even use the star as a random encounter with especially dire consequences for an inattentive party. If they aren't careful, your players might cause an infestation themselves with only a few solid Attack actions! And that's to say nothing of what a villain with a sturdy cage and an axe could get up to over only a few days. 

This self-replicating monster comes to you thanks to a poll on our Patreon! Our patrons get to vote in monthly polls to choose some of the content we produce, and at the same time get sneak peaks at what concepts our writers are talking about for the near future. Patrons also get access to our premium content, some of which is available nowhere else, as well as early access to everything we release for free! And, of course, the more you all contribute to our coffers, the more of our time and energy can go into making more and better content!

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Friday, November 19, 2021

Magic Item - Siphoning Spear

Sinister magic items are very powerful worldbuilding and scene-setting tools in a DM's toolbox. While flavorful descriptions and ghoulish monsters are vital to coloring a grizzly dungeon or lair, revealing the byproducts of those settings in the form of sinister magic items can go a long way to demonstrate the scene's heinousness. However, it can be difficult to properly create a magic item that feels sinister. Sure, you can describe a sinister magic item, detailing how it looks and explaining in the flavor of the item that it 'runs off blood magic'. But at the end of the day, a +1/+1 weapon is still just that unless the mechanics of the item offer something darker.

The Siphoning Spear is a magic item of ours we believe is sinister in looks, flavor, and feel. This rare magic weapon is a rare +1/+1 spear that collects the blood of enemies when you damage them in combat, represented by charges. It collects 1 charge when you damage them with the spear, and it collects its maximum of 4 charges when you reduce a creature to 0 hit points. With these charges of blood, you can use your action to put your lips to the pommel and either drinks the blood, recovering hit points based on the number of charges expended, or shoot out hardened projectile blood akin to a blowgun, making a number of ranged attacks equal to the charges expended.

The flavor and description of this item are sinister; it constantly drips with black ichor, giving you a 'taste for fresh blood' while attuned to it. But it also makes you feel just as vile while using it; it encourages you to do as much damage with it as possible, preferably killing your opponents with it, for the sake of collecting their blood and gathering charges. From there you're literally drinking and shooting out the blood of your enemies for your own benefit; top-notch ick factor right there. We hope you put this magic item to good use in your campaigns, and we'll see you next time!

Rare Magic Item +1 Magic Weapon Siphoning Spear