Friday, December 3, 2021

Spell - Deep Sleep

Our spells up to this point, such as Arctic Rush and Prepare for Adventure, have been largely centered around player usage. However, the place certain spells hold in a DM's toolbox should not be underrated. Many spells in DnD, such as Magic Mouth and Guards and Wards, seem designed in a manner that suits the needs of DM's as well as, if not better than, those of players. 'DM spells' often are not immediately useful in most combat or exploration scenarios, but instead offer interesting utility, situations, and environmental changes. These provide the mechanical guidelines for plot hooks, unforeseen complications, and even whole campaigns. 

Deep Sleep is what we would consider a 'DM spell'. This 4th level enchantment spell allows Bards, Sorcerers, and Wizards to force a target creature they've spoken to for a minute about the value of a particular item to make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the target accepts the item and dons it appropriately before falling into a deep slumber. While sleeping in this way, the creature is immune to all damage, does not need to eat, drink, or breathe, does not age, and their heart even stops beating as their body becomes cold. They remain asleep until the donned object, which cannot be removed while the creature is affected by this spell, has been destroyed, or until the duration of the spell ends.

This spell offers a lot for a DM in search of an interesting side quest or an unexpected development. Perhaps a distressed man beseeches the party's assistance in waking his partner from their mysterious slumber. Or maybe a king has been stricken by a sleeping curse, and it's up to the party to find the perpetrating mage! Of course, this spell has utility to players as well; the DM isn't the only one who can take advantage of more niche spells to create some bizarre situations. Maybe the party answers their violent debt collectors by playing dead! However you envision it, we hope you can put this spell of ours to good use in your books, and we look forward to hearing about it next time!

4th level Spell - Deep Sleep 5e homebrew bard sorcerer cleric

Monday, November 29, 2021

Full Class - Madcap

I don't know about you, but my favorite player characters, whether they were my own or just across the table from me, have always been those with a little extra flair, a unique style all their own. Usually this style came from the player themselves, playing an otherwise normal character with a certain extra showmanship, but this got us, and especially our Sewerman, thinking; why do the players have to add stylish play to a character? What if that extra pizzazz was built in?  Could there be a class that was, in its very mechanical bones, extra as hell?

The Sewerman got cooking, and from their cauldron has come our third full class, the Madcap, a class built explicitly to encourage and reward style and showmanship in gameplay. A damage-dealing arcane half-caster, madcaps are designed to blend martial swordplay and aggressive spellcasting to devastate their enemies. In addition, all madcaps gain 'flair points' as they deal damage, which they store up and then spend in bursts to augment their normal weapon attacks with magical tricks and maneuvers. That way, even if a madcap runs low on spell slots, they are never fully reduced to just being a worse fighter; only death will stop you from being an obnoxious gish.

For their subclasses, madcaps each choose a 'persona', a dramatic archetype that defines what sort of over the top character they act as, and each persona offers the player specialized ways to gain flair points by leaning into a particular style of combat, from heroism, to cruelty, to pure unpredictability. We've prepared four archetypes for you already, but if there's a flavor of madman you think we overlooked, let us know! 

Below, you can have a look at the sample version of the madcap, which includes the first handful of levels and the start of two personas. It's enough to get a taste, but if you can't wait to get your hands on the full document, you have two options:

The most direct will be to buy it from our Ko-Fi shop for 5 gold dollars, every copper cent of which will go right us, and right back into our next batch of projects. Our second class, the Enjoiner, is also there, in case you want the complete set up to this point, but keep the link in your back pocket, as we have big plans for more content in the near future.

However, if you want to get Madcap and be primed to receive anything else we make as we make it, anyone subscribed to our Patreon at 5 dollars or more gains access not only to madcap, but also to enjoiner, as well as all our normal weekly content a full week early! Supporting us on Patreon is the best way you can support us, and best way for you to stay involved and up to date on all that we do as our projects and community grow!

We hope you enjoy our new flashy creation, and that we see you again soon for our next project!

Download the sample here:

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Spell - Madcap Spells

In case you haven't heard, here's a special announcement in the form of some new homebrew spells; we're releasing a new class for 5e, the Madcap! Similar to when we released Fiendish Chains before releasing Enjoiner, another spellcasting class of ours, we feel like presenting these original spells before we release Madcap will give a better idea on what this class accomplishes in flavor and mechanics. The Madcap is a half spellcaster that fuels its martial prowess and evocative spellcasting with its eccentric and ostentatious sense of self; or their persona. They fill a space in half caster spell lists we feel hasn't been filled yet; this hotshot half caster has a list composed entirely of flashy, swingy, and high damage spells.

The spells we've crafted and selected for this class illustrate this philosophy, represented by the predominance of evocation spells being featured. For starters, Lightshow, a dramatic high damage 3rd level evocation spell that can be spread across multiple targets, encapsulates this caster's spell list quite well. Similarly, Flash, a 1st level evocation spell that blinds creatures in a sphere, may not damage opponents, but is very, well, flashy. Another non-damaging homebrew spell we gave them is the 5th level conjuration spell Redirection, the only spell on this list not from the evocation school, which allows the Madcap to trade places with another creature when targeted by an attack, spell, or ability, easily making up for its lack of direct damage with its tricky presentation and the swing potential it carries in combat. Finally, an older spell in Arctic Rush makes a return; no damage, only style here.

We hope these spells demonstrate what Madcap is all about; pain, dramatic flavor, and big fight swinging potential. Half casters haven't had many official spells like these, such as Fireball and Lightning Bolt, on their spell lists because they're generally too powerful for characters with plenty of features and martial prowess. Additionally, Artificer, Paladin, and Ranger don't quite fit the flavor criteria to be learning powerful arcane spells. However, Madcap has specifically been balanced around possessing these highly impactful spells, lending to a very high octane half caster we hope you'll all enjoy!

It's release comes this Monday, so keep an eye out for it on our Ko-Fi shop, or get instant access upon release by subscribing at $5 or more to our Patreon; stay bold, and we'll see you then!

Download it here:

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Monster - Deep Sea Star

Monsters that have minions are a classic, but villains have to innovate to keep up with the times. To help, we offer you the latest in hero-devouring technology: a monster made of minions. 

The Deep Sea Star, like its more mundane cousins, regrows severed limbs, and its severed limbs regenerate full sea stars. Even worse, a seemingly dead star will usually reawaken barely an hour later, meaning a single star can quickly turn into many, many monsters. And, unlike their docile cousins, every Deep Sea Star hates you, and will kill you. Without specially tailored methods, hurting a Deep Sea Star will only propagate more mouths for it to use to eat you.

Players might have trouble exterminating a Deep Sea Star infestation even with some planning, but a particularly diabolical DM could even use the star as a random encounter with especially dire consequences for an inattentive party. If they aren't careful, your players might cause an infestation themselves with only a few solid Attack actions! And that's to say nothing of what a villain with a sturdy cage and an axe could get up to over only a few days. 

This self-replicating monster comes to you thanks to a poll on our Patreon! Our patrons get to vote in monthly polls to choose some of the content we produce, and at the same time get sneak peaks at what concepts our writers are talking about for the near future. Patrons also get access to our premium content, some of which is available nowhere else, as well as early access to everything we release for free! And, of course, the more you all contribute to our coffers, the more of our time and energy can go into making more and better content!

Download it here:

Friday, November 19, 2021

Magic Item - Siphoning Spear

Sinister magic items are very powerful worldbuilding and scene-setting tools in a DM's toolbox. While flavorful descriptions and ghoulish monsters are vital to coloring a grizzly dungeon or lair, revealing the byproducts of those settings in the form of sinister magic items can go a long way to demonstrate the scene's heinousness. However, it can be difficult to properly create a magic item that feels sinister. Sure, you can describe a sinister magic item, detailing how it looks and explaining in the flavor of the item that it 'runs off blood magic'. But at the end of the day, a +1/+1 weapon is still just that unless the mechanics of the item offer something darker.

The Siphoning Spear is a magic item of ours we believe is sinister in looks, flavor, and feel. This rare magic weapon is a rare +1/+1 spear that collects the blood of enemies when you damage them in combat, represented by charges. It collects 1 charge when you damage them with the spear, and it collects its maximum of 4 charges when you reduce a creature to 0 hit points. With these charges of blood, you can use your action to put your lips to the pommel and either drinks the blood, recovering hit points based on the number of charges expended, or shoot out hardened projectile blood akin to a blowgun, making a number of ranged attacks equal to the charges expended.

The flavor and description of this item are sinister; it constantly drips with black ichor, giving you a 'taste for fresh blood' while attuned to it. But it also makes you feel just as vile while using it; it encourages you to do as much damage with it as possible, preferably killing your opponents with it, for the sake of collecting their blood and gathering charges. From there you're literally drinking and shooting out the blood of your enemies for your own benefit; top-notch ick factor right there. We hope you put this magic item to good use in your campaigns, and we'll see you next time!

Rare Magic Item +1 Magic Weapon Siphoning Spear

Monday, November 15, 2021

Bard Subclass - College of Brutality

Today, we have a slice of homebrew for the metalheads and punks out there. In our experience, the overlap of DnD nerds and metal nerds is pretty large, and regardless, half of our writers are huge metal nerds, and a slightly different half are musicians. Honestly, the fact that hardcore bard took this long to happen is the only surprise.

For fans of the genre, we hope you are satisfied with how aggressively loud this particular bard is. We built most of the features around a thunder damage theme, and once you get booming blade at 6th, you won't even have to choose each turn between earthshaking noise or bloody savagery; you can play your axe and swing it, too.

Meanwhile, for bard enthusiasts just looking for some variety, this archetype has some especially brutal ways to support allies and disrupt enemies, classic hits for any bard purist. 

Did you read enemies abound and think, why doesn't this upcast? Because you weren't heavy metal enough, that's why. Now, with the power of rock music, you can start a full riot with one high level spell slot, just like the dark gods intended.

We hope you enjoy all your noise complaints.

Download it here:

Friday, November 12, 2021

Spell - Arctic Rush

This 2nd level evocation spell offers casters a new way to ride with style and trip up competition along the way; Arctic Rush! As a bonus action, the caster travels along an icy path formed on the ground up to a point within 30 feet of them, forcing all creatures on the path to make a saving throw against being knocked prone. When compared to Misty Step, where this spell cannot be used to cross gaps or escape situations where your movement is 0, it makes up for it in the huge crowd control potential to knock a large number of creatures prone, as well as its greater movement when upcasted, allowing for the caster to choose more than one point. We feel like this spell has a lot of style and personality in it; your casters are going to look very cool shooting across the ground in a freezing torrent, tripping opponents along the way. We hope you like this very cool spell, and we'll see you next time!

Spell - Arctic Rush

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Monster - Corpse Puppeteer

Does your party choose violence? Are they in love with combat, constantly searching for more reasons to do various flavors of murder? Well, they'll get along wonderfully with our latest monster, a demonic necromancer and war fanatic. Of course, it'd also make a great enemy against a more peaceful party, but there's nothing quite like the only creature that loves battle more than the party to put a batch of murderhobos out of their misery to end a campaign on a poetically just, if sudden, note. We hope you enjoy!

Download it here:

Friday, November 5, 2021

Eldritch Invocation - Virulent Alteration

Today we offer a slight change of pace in our ordinary content cycle to introduce a new Eldritch Invocation for Warlocks; Virulent Alteration. This invocation allows you to chose a damage type from a list of types that are typical to Warlock spells and effects. You gain resistance to the type chosen and are able to use it in place of any type of damage you deal, so long as it's force damage or a type on the list! This allows Warlocks aiming for a damage type specialist build, likely taking feats such as Elemental Adept or Poisoner, to replace damage types dealt with the vast majority of their kit, including Eldritch Blast, with the damage type they are specializing in! We really like this Invocation; it allows for a new and powerful build of Warlock, as we believe all good Invocations should do. We hope you like this new addition to your games, and we'll see you next time!

Magic Item - Virulent Alteration

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Content Expansion - Expanded Racial Feats V

    Our racial feats return, and this time, we've got a batch focused on the peoples of Eberron. Eberron has been a favorite realm for a lot of people, and I feel like a part of it is the number of unique races that populate the setting; with this newest round of feats, you'll have a whole new batch of tools to make your Eberron characters more distinct than ever.

Download it here:

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Magic Item - Cloak of Many Arms

This week's rare magic item is a cloak with some questionable embellishments; the Cloak of Many Arms! The Cloak of Many Arms forms four arms that come out of your armpits. It turns out having two sets of fully competent arms is pretty useful; climbing speed, advantage on Strength checks and saves, and a complete disregard for limits on weapons, like ''loading'', or ''heavy'', or ""only having enough hands to do two air quotes"". At any rate, this is a fun item. It only feels weird and unsettling until you really get to appreciate the benefits of the armpit arms! We hope your martial characters can go absolutely nuts with this item, and we'll see you next time!

Magic Item - Cloak of Many Arms

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Monk Subclass - Way of the Coals

    Maybe someday we'll get tired of monks, but it's not today. Today, we have another elemental monk, part of the our growing set of monks that together do what Way of Four Elements failed so tragically to do. This particular one is an elemental classic; the fire monk. 

    Way of the Coals is a tradition not just for controlling flames, but for fully embodying a raging inferno. The archetype is designed to encourage aggressive tactics, and for that aggression to reward you with ways to scorch your way across the battlefield, and punish anyone who tries to get in your way. After all, the idea behind an elemental tradition is not to just pick a damage type to play with; it's to pick a combat philosophy and fighting style, to make your approach to conflict mirror the way your chosen element approaches the natural world. So the fire monk is built to burn hotter as a battle continues, and the hotter it gets, the better it is at burning right through its enemies.

    We hope you enjoy the Coals' monk's style of play, and that you're as excited as we are for our next elemental monk as we are excited to design it. If you have an element that you think we should cover next, let us know! These subclasses, according to the Snickering Ghoul at least, have been particularly interesting projects to work on, so if you want more of them, we're more than happy to oblige you. 

Download it here:

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Magic Item - Quint's Ominous Card Set

Today's magic item is a follow up to last week's magic item, this time in the form of the rare playing card deck, Quint's Ominous Card Set. This card set is quite industrious in its own way; not only can you cheat like crazy with this deck, but you can also use it as a tracking device by planting a card on a creature or object. This card deck will add a lot of flavor to your high magic settings when an NPC swindles the party using this tricky deck in a gambling game of cards. After all, if people could enchant a card deck to allow them such versatile control, many would take it. The hustle is far too good to pass up. We hope you put this magic item to good use, and we will see you next time!

Magic Item - Quint's Ominous Card Set

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Player Race - Auf

Halloween is coming up fast, and so are Halloween one-shots and themed sessions, so if you're looking for a new spooky character idea, look no further. Our first VRGR style 'legacy' race, the auf is a classic horror body-snatcher, letting you add some subtle spooky flavor to what might at first seem like a normal character. And honestly, even after spooky season has ended, who doesn't want to secretly be from outer space? If you're a DM looking to sprinkle in some sci-fi, the auf could be a great way to plant those seeds early, or when a player rolls a backup character. I'd tell you the sky's the limit, but you know, space aliens. Stay tuned for our common gray race, with expertise in Dexterity (Probing) checks. See you soon! 

Download it here:

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Magic Item - Ettercap's Industrious Handloom

This week's uncommon magical item is the weaver's best friend, Ettercap's Industrious Handloom. The handloom requires attunement by a creature proficient in weaver's tools, and it allows you to craft strong and silky nets and rope, as well as ordinary items one would generally be able to craft with weaver's tools at a lower time and gold count. In addition, attunement to this item bestows you with a better understanding of woven and knotted materials, granting you advantage on ability checks to tie and untie knots, as well as to escape most bonds. Of course if a player character with a side passion for weaver's tools gets their hands on this they'll be thrilled, so this can serve as a fun magic item the party gets when relevant to a player. But beyond that, we really like how this magic item characterizes NPCs and settings. High magic settings and characters will often have mundane items and tools be turned magical, such as with this item. It adds a lot of verisimilitude to your world when a player comes across magic items like these; magic items that feel like they're for somebody who may not just be an adventurer. We hope you put this item to fun and creative use, and we'll see you next time!

Magic Item - Ettercap's Industrious Handloom

Monday, October 11, 2021

Barbarian Subclass - Primal Harbinger

Barbarian, for whatever reason, is a class we've taken a very long time come around to as a design team. It can be a hard one to break new ground on, as it's very self contained; the mechanics of the class are like a watch, every piece exactly where it needs to be, and all interlocked and whirring angrily. Barbarian does things that no other class does, and some things that are actively worse, except for barbarians. So, what is one to do? 

Well, what we ended up doing was to just let it also be a druid! An angry druid, mind, we're not totally here to just ruin a good thing. Primal Harbinger, from a certain perspective, casts druid magic with its rage, and our whole team is quite happy with the results. Barbarians are hard, so we decided to just bite the bullet and make the hardest to balance version first, a spellcaster barbarian. 

Also, why is druid's spell list so goddamn stacked? This archetype has access to two very specific slices of the druidic spell pie, and yet somehow they still have some seriously spooky options. 

That was more words than usual, but finally, shout out to Julie the Woozy Flumph, the GOAT of subtly, intensely compelling archetypes. You are encouraged to search their tag on the site, if you don't come back with a new character concept to build, we'll nominate one of our own to actually be turned into a goblin IRL.

Enough of me. Behold, the CONTENT.

Download it here:

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Magic Item - Genieheart Compass

Today's very rare magical item is the Genieheart Compass. While a creature attuned to this item, it searches their soul for their deepest desire, the attunement ending in success only if it is able to adequately identify a predominate desire. Once the attunement is complete, it will point the creature in the most direct path towards said desire, so long as it is on the same plane of existence. Once the item has been found, it loses a charge; and once it's out of charges, the creature had better drop that compass like a hot potato because it'll explode! We love this magic item; it facilitates DM and player discussion, helps greatly flesh out character motivations, and serves as an excellent player centric plot hook! We hope you put this item to good use, and that all your wishes may come true!

Magic Item - Genieheart Compass

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Content Expansion - Expanded Racial Feats IV

    Racial feats return, now with turtles and extraplanar weirdos! We said we would eventually finish them all, and we damn well meant it, so here is our next batch. We hope you enjoy, and that you're ready for some even weirder feats soon. 

    What, you thought Faults was weirdest we had in store? There's more brewing, just you wait. Until next week!

Download it here:

Friday, October 1, 2021

Spell - Psychic Storm

 Today we bring a 4th level transmutation spell of the psychic variety in Psychic Storm! With this spell, the caster creates a vortex around them of wild and almost uncontrollable psychic energy that violently pulls at the creatures and objects in the area. It automatically causes Small and smaller objects to begin flying around the radius, which pelt creatures inside the radius. Moreover, the caster can use their action to wrench around creatures trapped inside the vortex, causing them to be damaged by the flying objects and thrown prone up to 20 feet away. This spell offers a dangerous amount of control over an area for the slot expended to cast it. We really feel like this spell can do a lot of work to represent the budding and inexperienced but frighteningly powerful psychic or psionic; an area of character conception that we feel is underrepresented in 5e content as is! We hope this spell inspires new psychic themed characters, or at least slots into existing character builds quite well!

Spell - Psychic Storm

Monday, September 27, 2021

Rogue Subclass Redux - Thief

    This week we have a new flavor of content for you all. We're very proud of our original subclasses here, and a large part of why is that we put a lot of work into making sure everything is interesting to play and balanced within the greater 5e ecosystem. But, as I'm sure most of you are aware, there are parts of official 5e that don't meet the 'interesting and balanced' standard, and no, I'm not just picking on PHB ranger again. So today, we are taking a different angle to the same goal; keeping 5e exciting by adding fun new options that weren't well represented before. 

    Being the 'vanilla' rogue archetype has never excused Thief being such a boring set of features until the endgame, so here we have a re-tuned, more substantial version of the classic 'Rogue Flavor' rogue. This reworked edition should be able to at least keep pace with an average party, which is more than original Thief ever managed. We hope you enjoy!

Download it here:

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Magic Item - Axe of the Fray

Today's rare magic item comes in the form of a handaxe particularly prone to violent outbursts, being the Axe of the Fray. In most situations, this axe acts as a run of the mill +1 magic weapon. However, creatures carrying it will have to keep their eye on it; it can have a mind of its own, and all it can think about is violence. At certain initiative counts, if the weapon is not being held or carried, it will magically fling itself at a creature that hasn't yet attacked and make a weapon attack! We hope particularly bloodthirsty and/or forgetful players enjoy this violence prone axe; just make sure to keep your axes on a leash, or a particularly gruesome axeident may occur!

Magic Item - Axe of the Fray

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Monster - Douser Greatmoth

     Any nyctophobes in the house? Well, this week we have your new least favorite monster, the moth that finally did what every lesser moth wanted most: it actually got the light. Douser greatmoths eat light itself, which I suspect has some pretty dire consequences re: entropy and thermodynamics (destruction of energy is probably physically illegal for a reason), but honestly, most parties will probably kill them just cause they're big scary bugs. You'll only need to lose one campfire in a spooky forest to decide to kill these on sight, no exceptions. We hope you enjoy learning to hate these almost as much as mimics and schedule complications.

    Oh, and for those counting? That's now 3 out of 14. You know who you are.

Download it here:

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Spell - Damigos' Amazing Boast

This is a 3rd level enchantment spell; Damigos' Amazing Boast, or D.A.B for short. As a reaction to succeeding on an ability check or attack roll, you do a peculiar somatic movement that causes those surrounding to you to waste their action and movement cheering for you, largely through magical compulsion. We implore you, our loving consumers, to not hate us for our decisions, and we hope that you'll continue to follow our content despite our mistakes!

Spell - Damigos' Amazing Boast

Shiny's Sundry of Slimy Ooze: a Review

Shiny's Sundry of Slimy Ooze provides excellent oozey options for your campaign, but is perhaps best used as a minor supplement.

shiny press sundry cover art

It's no secret that we, at Gelatinous Cubicles, love us some ooze. So, when our friends at Shiny Press announced their plan to release a supplement entirely devoted to all things goopy, I was stoked.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Monster - Gifted Beasts

    Today's new homebrew, like a few of our others recently, is the first taste of what could be a rather long series. This time, we offer you the first two 'Gifted Beasts', rare animals blessed with a deeper connection to nature, and magic to go with it. Julie chose to start with the an elk and a lion, but these druidic creatures are only a few of many possible types of gifted creatures. From a design perspective, the idea for these was to use innate magic to expand upon and complement a mundane animal's existing combat traits; so, the gifted lion can now cast jump to Pounce from across the battlefield, and the gifted elk can Charge from trees for extra damage in combination with tree stride. There are a lot more animals in 5E, and so a lot more beasts for us to give gifts to, and we will, sooner or later. Sooner, if you're eager to see them! Let us know what animals you want to see empowered, and we'll start brewing. We hope you enjoy!

Download it here:

Friday, September 10, 2021

Magic Item - Gem-Gaze Dagger

Today's very rare magic item is a magical weapon in the form of a dagger capable of generating ludicrous amounts of wealth; the Gem-Gaze Dagger! When the attuned creature kills a creature with this magic weapon, they get gems of value determined by the creature's level or CR, as relevant. This magic item is perfect for a campaign to undergo uncomfortable progression. Many parties will find themselves in need of gold in order to comfortably progress; this dagger begs the question of what arts they're willing to employ to make ends meet, and who they're willing to sacrifice.

Magic Item - Gem-Gaze Dagger

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Variant Rule - Faults

    Although we love to build up the sorts of powerful things players can do in 5E, there are those who say the most interesting parts of a character are their weaknesses and limits. Super strength and eye-beams are great, sure, but Kryptonite and an ironclad moral code? That's the good stuff.

    With this in mind, I am pleased to introduce our first selection of faults, optional weaknesses for your next character. Mechanically, they act as variant feats, but with a specific detriment rather than a boon or specialty. Julie, the author behind these, has helpfully included several different ways to incorporate these new anti-feats into the existing character-building ecosystem. However, as with any variant, we hope it inspires you to make something we never could have thought of, and make them your own.

    There could be a lot more content here if we get inspired, so if there are weaknesses you think we missed or that we ought to make next, tell us! But for now, we hope you enjoy our first foray into the concept.

Download it here:

Our Year-End Favorites: 2020-2021

We've been around for a year now. Here's some stuff we like.

James the Snickering Ghoul

Honorable Mention: Bone-Turner Hag

    While I have a particular reason for each of my actual picks, Bone Turner just has to be here on vibes alone. I love running horror sessions, and one of these days I’m going to traumatize some newbie players with this, perhaps my most diabolical creation. I got to publish something with an action called Extract Bones, it just has to be here, even if it isn’t formally on the list.

    And, of course, shout out to my fellow Magnus Archive nerds. I see you, and I have a checklist, stay tuned.

    My actual list is in no particular order, as each of them are technically #1 in their own way, as you'll see.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Magic Item - Staff of the Sojourner

Adventuring parties tend to put some serious miles in, walking from town to town, and eventually even across the planes. Isn't it about time we had a magic item to make all that travel a bit less strenuous? With a Staff of the Sojourner, any party will have a much more comfortable trip to... well, anywhere, that's the point. The staff is full of useful utility spells to make your classic wilderness obstacles more manageable, and while it's not strictly meant as a combat item, never underestimate the power of a stick that's also magic. Sometimes, the best way to get back on the road is to put some highwaymen out of their misery, and the staff does that, too. Safe travels!

utility magic staff of travelers

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Monster - Papples

    While some monsters are strange and unknowable, there are a few that are almost bewilderingly mundane. In a way, it can be even more unnerving for normal things to turn hostile; after all, what's left to trust when anything could be dangerous? 
    So, to exacerbate your players trust issues even more, try our newest monster, the papple. A seemingly normal apple, but with a fearsome temper and a nasty right hook. They may be CR 0, but we have seen multiple 1st level parties get wiped by these relentless little blighters. Turns out 1d4-1 is a lot more dangerous by the bushel
Download it here:

Friday, August 27, 2021

Magic Item - Luedvig's Lyrical Lyre

This magic item is one for the bards, if the name didn't give it away; an uncommon instrument, Luevig's Lyrical Lyre. Players who are clever enough to speak in haikus and rhyme are rewarded with advantage on Charisma checks, as well as limited usage of the suggestion spell. We think this is a fun item to drop on your players; it makes them work a bit for their character's charisma and creativity, rather than hand waving it with some dice rolls. We're hoping that this will lead to some goofy and touching poetry and lines at the table; and that suggestion hijinks ensue!

Magic Item - Luedvig's Lyrical Lyre

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Monster - The Lady in White

Our latest monster is lifted from one of our own campaigns, an old favorite cleaned up for proper release. The Lady in White was a recurring villain, made all the more enigmatic by the fact that she never appeared when we expected her; we would be in the midst of some other quest, and she would show up, acting almost like an ally. 

Here, we have her actual stat block, but if you want to run this fearsome enemy as she original appeared, you won't need to know most of what's there for many sessions. In a lot of ways, the Lady really is the natural evolution of how a succubus operates; a normal succubus cozies up to it's prey, appearing friendly until it has what it wants. The Lady in White is the same way, but is even more difficult to see through and understand, letting her work on a grander scale and over a much longer period of time.

Philosophizing aside, we hope you enjoy running this character as much as we did.

Download it here:

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Spell - Prepare for Adventure

Introducing a new 1st level conjuration spell for wizards; Prepare for Adventure! The caster of this spell reaches into the many pocket dimensions spawned by the innumerable amounts of Bag of Holdings possessed by adventurers around the multiverse, allowing them to pull out a variety of simple adventuring gear and items. This spell lines up very well with Wizard's general strengths. They can often be thought of as a party 'toolbox' of spells and magic; and what better way to play into that than literally giving them a toolbox! Gone are the days of missing that one pesky item from the Adventuring Gear table; it's all at your fingertips now!

Spell - Prepare for Adventure

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Cleric Subclass - Madness Domain

We're long overdue for a cleric, don't you think? We finally have one, but that doesn't mean we're suddenly producing fluffy, wholesome content. This particular magic priest is an expert at disrupting and confusing their enemies, and even driving them completely out of their minds. Almost every spell and feature here is devoted to twisting the psyche out of shape, popping their sanity like a grape. I wouldn't stick around for the sermon afterward; it's not likely to make sense anyway...

Download it here:

Friday, August 13, 2021

Magic Item - Manacles of Infernal Obligation

This week we bring to you the Manacles of Infernal Obligation, a cursed legendary magic item of fiendish origins used to chain and command unfortunate shackled souls. The attuned creature can use these ruby bejeweled manacles to try and bind a creature, which can make a Charisma saving throw if they are not incapacitated. Once a creature is chained by the manacles, they can't harm the attuned creature or their allies, and the attuned creature can at any time declare an act that they must follow. If they don't comply, the punishment is pretty hellish. Now here's the kicker; it's an infernal magic item, so it's very definitely cursed. That curse being that when the attuned creature declares an act to be fulfilled, they also must fulfill said act, lest they also be sent into hell. We're hoping that this magic item can kickstart all sorts of hijinks, which may or not involve demons and devils!

Magic Item - Manacles of Infernal Obligation

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Variant Rules - Hybrid Damage

    Today we have a different sort of homebrew for you. In part, we have a few new spells for you to add to several classes’ toolkit. But more importantly, since I'm about to talk about it for a whole article, we’ll introduce you to a variant rule of my own creation. Hybrid damage, as I have dubbed it, has some far-reaching implications, if you or your DM choose to implement it, which we'll get into soon. 

    But, first of all, the actual content: 

    I offer you these spells first just in case you’re a rules purist, but still want something fun to add to your game. For the record, I’d add all of these to the Wizard spell list, and all but Coiled Ward to the Sorcerer and Warlock list. Artificer can have Coiled Ward, but these don’t strike me as spells divine casters would be casting, generally, but you should do whatever you want, of course.

    If you aren’t a fan of variant rules, these spells work just as written. However, these spells are designed to be used with the variant rule that we’re about to get to. Feel free to jot them down and jump ship before we start getting into the weirder stuff.

    ...Good? Then, to business!

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Magic Item - Rod of Pushing and Pulling

Today we present the Rod of Pushing and Pulling; an uncommon magic item that's packed with a lot of potential for the smart low level player. With this item, players can move objects as heavy as 500 feet toward or away from them as long as they are not being worn or carried by an unwilling creature. That's it; a fairly straightforward item in its function. But the open ended wording leads to a whole range of utility. You can move boulders, willing creatures, and all sorts of other possibilities! We hope players put this item to good and clever use in all of your campaigns!

Magic Item - Rod of Pushing and Pulling

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Artificer Subclass - Biomechanic

Artificers are problem solvers, and so far every variant of artificer has focused more or less on a specific sort of technical problem; whether it's ranged combat, medicine, or the limits of armor, each artificer has something to fix, but none of them really set about fixing themselves. We're not trying to be philosophical, to be clear. Nearly every artificer is made of weak mortal meat, and that just gets in the way of them getting things done. What if the problem an artificer could fix... was the meat problem?

Enter the Biomechanic. These technicians are specially trained to augment their own bodies with metal and magic, letting them function in ways normal humanoids can only dream of. This self-tinkering lets the biomechanic become exceptionally versatile, able to act as a bruiser, an infiltrator, or as an explorer, and it makes them much hard to kill, since some weaknesses that meat has don't translate once the meat is gone. 

The archetype is built with customizability in mind, and we hope you enjoy discovering the little sub-builds and synergies between augments that we've hidden away for you. Tell us your favorite gadgets, and let us know what you think of your new cyborg character!

Download it here:

PS- Just a friendly reminder, our newest full class, the Enjoiner, is live on DriveThruRPG as of last week! We're super excited to have it out in the wild, and we'd love to hear from you about what you about what you think of it. The free sample is here, just a post or two back, and the full document is at the link above. We hope you enjoy!

Friday, July 30, 2021

Magic Item - Embroidered Scroll

Embroidered Scrolls are unique magic items, taking the known and loved spell scrolls and making them more sustainable. When a character casts a spell stored in one of these scrolls, the stitching of the scroll strains to keep itself together. After casting the spell, the player rolls a die depending on the level of spell stored in the scroll; if the die roll is higher than the level of the stored spell, the scroll holds itself together and can be reused after the next dawn! We're eager about this magic item, because it recontextualizes a well known item in DnD in a fresh way. Players will wonder upon finding it what makes this specific scroll unique; and once they learn, every time they use it will be an exciting occurrence, since they'll never be too sure if they can keep their special toy! We hope you put it to good use in your campaigns! 

Magic Item - Embroidered Scroll

Monday, July 26, 2021

Full Class - Enjoiner

    Today we have an extra special release for you all, one that's been in the making for a long time; the Enjoiner, our new full class! The Enjoiner is a summoner class, a scholar of the planes who binds and commands servants from beyond the Materium. Enjoiners, Intelligence based half-casters, are especially good at controlling the battlefield, and their ability to cast through and transform their enjoined, their primary companion, lets them stay versatile and dangerous even from a safe vantage point. 

    'Minion-mancy' is a difficult thing to balance properly, and was the most complicated part of developing this class. Giving a player a master and minion can be like giving them two full characters worth of power, and it's a pitfall many summoners have fallen victim to before. As we playtested, we were especially careful to keep a close eye on how it compared to other classes, while still letting the Enjoiner be better in some ways. After all, while it shouldn't be able to replace two full party members, there should be upsides to being plural, don't you think?

    This class is easily our most difficult project to date, but that just makes us all the more excited to get your hands on it. Below, we have a sample, so that you can test out our creation. The full version, meanwhile, will be available on our DriveThruRPG! We apparently have to wait to be verified, but in only a few days, for only $6, you get all five archetypes and all twenty levels, and our deepest thanks for your support. And, if you want to really support us, Enjoiner is already available to our $5 patrons on Patreon! However you support us, funds raised will go directly back into improving our site, refining our future creations, and just generally making sure that Gelatinous Cubicles will be producing top-flight homebrew until we're all white-haired, achy-boned, and drowning in melted glacier decades from now. Enjoy!

Download the sample here:

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Subclass - Empathic Spirit

    Sorcerers are already one of the more social full casters, but everything can be pushed to a greater extreme. The empathic spirit's power comes from its emotions, and its emotions have a habit of flowing out into others, letting them feel whatever feelings the sorcerer does. These connections make for a sorcerer more socially capable than any other, but also one excellent at supporting their allies, and at disrupting and debilitating their enemies. Not all sorcerers need to be damage dealers, no matter what all the memes say. Not that there's anything wrong with being a bard who can cast Fireball...

Download it here:

Friday, July 23, 2021

Spell - Fiendish Chains

 Today we present our first homebrew spell; a 2nd level conjuration spell tied to the infernal magic of fiends! Using this spell, you can deal some serious crowd control to your enemies, restraining them with fiery chains and dealing considerable damage over time. It's a very crippling spell; if the target cannot escape the hellish binds in a timely manner, things are not going to end well for them. Not only will they be taking continuous damage from the spell, but your whole party will have tasty, painful advantage. As such, this spell will be especially potent on a caster that has some way of defending themselves consistently, so that their casting of the spell doesn't put a big red target on their back that they can't deal with. Thankfully, there's a class that can make excellent use of this binding spell; one we've been working hard on! It's coming out this Monday, so we hope you keep an eye for it!

Spell - Fiendish Chains

Monday, July 19, 2021

Monster - Truthbringer

 As part of our ongoing project to fill gaps in 5E's array of monsters, we now have a new, medium CR celestial to add to the roster. The truthbringer is an angel with an emphasis on, you guessed it, truth, and would make an excellent villain for a sneaky, criminally-inclined party, or an excellent patron for a group of detectives or inquisitors. While lawful good, truthbringers are definitely not lawful nice, and a creature this rigid could make an engaging difficult-to-please ally or quest giver for a more mixed party as well. In addition to classic angel traits, we made the truthbringer a spellcaster, for extra versatility rather than stopping power. Truthbringers' magic isn't about damage, so much as about more opportunities to let it show its controlling and even manipulative nature. We hope you enjoy running it, or running into it, and that you'll let us know how it goes when you do!

Download it here:

Friday, July 16, 2021

Magic Item - Bloodsoaked Backbiter

Magic items can be a DM's most immediately effective tools for world building and including their players into their world. Some magic items have deep and complex histories; others have means of compelling players to act in ways befitting of the items. The Bloodsoaked Backbiter has both. By possessing such flavorful history, and having that history reflected in a curse, there is great opportunity for players to feel as though they are one with your setting once they pick up this fearsome weapon. We hope you enjoy!

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Monster - Vision Golem

Many of the basic golems are classics, staples of abandoned wizards' laboratories and derelict royal vaults. However, magic can theoretically build a new construct out of anything; there could be a wood golem, a yarn golem, anything... even an eyeball golem. So we made it, and here it is. Just add it to the list of creatures we've given you so you can lightly traumatize your new players. Let us know how it goes, and if there are any eye-powers we missed.

Download it here:

Friday, July 9, 2021

Magic Item - Ring of Dying

      When making a cursed magic item, there are a few things to keep in mind. For one, you want the curse and the magic items identifiable effects to go hand in hand; the curse may feel like a surprise, but with symmetrical mechanics it shouldn't feel like it's coming out of left field. Another key factor is fun value; while cursed magic items exist to punish the sticky fingered hubris of players, it's still possible to come up with detriments that are fun. Enjoyable punishment is basically half of DnD anyway. We feel as though the Ring of Dying exhibits both of these design philosophies; it's mechanics are strong, symmetrical, and flavorful, and the curse cranks up the tension of combat scenes in a compelling way that we hope you enjoy!

Monday, July 5, 2021

Player Race - Iphik Nestless

    This week, we have a throwback to one of our earliest pieces. Many many moons ago, the Iphik were our second ever piece of homebrew, and now we have a playable version for you to enjoy! We hope you like our take on an insect race, and that you let us know what you want to see more of soon. We're putting the finishing touches on another big project, and that's exciting, but we'll be on the hunt for new projects right after, so don't be shy! With that, we'll see you on Friday.

Download it here:

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Magic Item - Artificer's Familiar

     Magic items can be incredibly fun design space for homebrewers, as the balance of them is entirely opt in. If a DM doesn't like a magic item, it doesn't appear in their games. This allows for magic items to interact with the games mechanics in imaginative ways that exceed their intended limits. With the Artificer's Familiar, beyond having an extra effective familiar, your spellcaster can concentrate on 2 separate spells. Considering how spells with concentration are supposed to explicitly not do that for the sake of avoiding shenanigans, we hope you have some good shenanigans!

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Monster - the Hoarding Swordbrush

    We've felt for a long time now that 5E is seriously lacking in plant monsters. The shambling mound is a classic, of course, but it's only one beastie; where are the rest? Here, we begin to slowly fill that gap, with a new photosynthetic monster for your party to chop up. We've also taken the opportunity to play with some grappling variation, since being wrapped by half a dozen angry vines is different from one muscly fist gripping you by the shirt, you know? We hope it makes for some tense encounters, and that that tension makes it all the more satisfying to prune away all its grabby bits. Enjoy!

Download it here:

Friday, June 25, 2021

Magic Item - Potion of Luck

     Dice manipulation is an interesting mechanic to play with in the rules of DnD. After all, the laws of the worlds facilitated by DnD are determined by the roll of dice; so if you want to represent abilities that manipulate fate, you often represent it with the manipulation of dice. Only problem is that manipulating the laws of the world on such a meta world is, surprisingly, pretty strong. So we're eager to present you this luck bringing magic item! Balance is already interpretive when it comes to magic items, so it'll be fine! Just give it to the player who needs it. Or, ya know, the Halfling.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Bard Subclass - College of Bonds

    Most adventuring parties grow close as they travel and do battle with evil; stress naturally breeds camaraderie, and so adventurers frequently make fast friends. The College of Bonds, meanwhile, takes this idea to its furthest extreme, turning these connections from a pattern into a powerful toolset for a party to communicate with and support each other, even over long distances. 
    This archetype turned out notably more wholesome than our usual, and we hope you enjoy a more positive release to balance out all our serious and horrific content. See you all next week!
Download it here:

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Background - Wealthy Financier

    Backgrounds; the often neglected and unappreciated component of character creation. The utility of backgrounds lie in the rich inspiration they offer a character's personality, backstories, that makes a character tick! Trent the Sewerman has taken the team's first crack at a background with the Wealthy Financier. Have you ever gone adventuring and found yourself so exorbitantly wealthy that you start throwing gold at NPCs? Well, with this background, make that the whole point! We hope this homebrew inspires characters who have taken up adventuring to accumulate wealth, pursue business deals, and financially support local communities!

Download it here:

Monday, June 14, 2021

Monster - the Apathy

    As artists, we have all had days when we felt too unmotivated, too uncreative, or just too tired to produce anything, or even do anything. The Apathy is that feeling personified, seasoned liberally with psychic damage and debuffs. This creature should be a fun creature to use to confuse and disrupt your players, either as a solo monster sneaking up on them, or as a supporter of a more straightforward monster. We are, as always, eager to hear how it goes for you.

    This monster grew from a suggestion left by someone for us on Twitter, when we put out a request for projects people wanted to see made. We didn't get as much of a response as we had hoped for, but luckily for us, the suggestion we did get was a winner! We'll count it as a win, in the end.

Download it here:

Monday, June 7, 2021

Content Expansion - Expanded Racial Feats III

    Here we are, at the beginning of another month, with more racial feats! For June, the spotlight falls on the orc, as Jon the Kobold Wrangler builds us some new ways for orcs to express their devotion to their pantheon of gods. It's different from most of the other feats we've seen or made, so we're very curious what you think of it. Let us know below, and as we move on to the more esoteric races of 5E, tell us which races you want to see expanded first!

Download it here:

Monday, May 31, 2021

Sorcerer Subclass - Galactic Enigma

    We're all used to fantasy DnD, and WotC (among others...) have offered us a fair amount of horror content over time, but what about our third pillar of genre fiction? Sci-fi has been touched on before in earlier editions, in such settings as Spelljammer, but barely a whisper of such content has made it to official release. Many homebrewers have taken up the challenge of adding a lot of science to 5E, and Galactic Enigma is our first contribution to the cause. We hope you enjoy hopping through wormholes like thousands of spacefaring travelers before you.

Download it here:

Monday, May 24, 2021

Monster - the Bone-Turner Hag

Hags and oozes are both classic monsters for a reason, but sometimes the classics need a bit of an extra push to stay fresh. Naturally, the only way we could figure to make a hag meaner and crueler was to take away all of her bones, and by extension, all of your bones. Or, looking at it another way, we've made an ooze that is jealous of your bones, and that also hates you and is smarter than you. Truly, our commitment to making everything worse knows no bounds. Enjoy!
Download it here:

Friday, May 21, 2021

All the Cool Violence is Premeditated - the Saboteur Artificer

    Last week we released the trap laying artificer archetype known as the Saboteur. Saboteur gives a savvy player features that allows them to prepare the battlefield to tilt a combat’s odds in their favor, should they find the opportunity to do so before the fighting breaks out. Moreover, they get battlefield control options they can pull out in the heat of battle, allowing the player a great amount of control over how the battle plays out. This archetype is one of the first I’ve created where the mechanical conceit came before the flavor.

    For about as long as I’ve been homebrewing for DnD, I’ve felt a conspicuous lack of preparation based combat. To specify what I mean by this, I’m referring to builds and build options that offer a variety of ways to allow for premeditated gameplay, where a character’s utility comes largely from what they can do in preparation for a fight. I feel as though there are plenty of potential characters, both in and out of media, that would feel the most at home in DnD using such features. Moreover, it’s a very satisfying feeling to have your ‘just as planned’ moments pay off. While there are certainly a plethora of spells and features already present in DnD that allow for premeditated gameplay, such as Glyph of Warding and Cordon of Arrows (in theory…), I feel as though it is hard to coalesce them into what feels like a cohesive preparation based character. So I decided I’d try my hand at making such a build.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Artificer Subclass - Saboteur

    Any seasoned dungeon delver eventually develops a deep hatred of traps, with scars to justify it, but what if it didn't have to be that way? What if you could turn the narrow corridors and twisting passages of your next subterranean quest to your advantage for a change?

    As the Saboteur, you'll make the villain curse the day they pulled half the torches off of their lair's walls to keep the place gloomy, and the traps hard to spot. Now, the party won't be the only ones who need to learn some healthy paranoia; soon, everyone will have to watch their step.

Download it here:

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Player Race - Bloodsworn

     Monstrous races are always fun, and this week, we have one of the most classic monsters out there as a player race; vampires! Converting a monster of CR 13 to a balanced player race is no simple matter, but we're confident that we kept enough of the essential parts to make you feel dead but still thirsty. Strahd will still eat you for breakfast, but we promise, you will pass the vibe check every time. Just be sure to wipe your chin.

Download it here:

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Content Expansion - Expanded Racial Feats II

    One month later, we return with another array of new racial feats! This time around, we focused on Volo's 'monstrous' races, so basically goblins and goblin accessories. There are some weirder feats in this set, but we think you'll like them as much as you seemed to like the first batch. Let us know, and check back next month for another set of racial feats!

Download it here:

Friday, April 30, 2021

A Brief Musing on the Grimgully

    The grimgully has been in the works for quite a while. Back when I was a budding homebrewer, I was inspired to create a monster based off of the sack man from Bloodborne. You know the one.

Y'know, the sack man.

    Anyways, from the start the grimgully wasn’t intended to take characters from place to place. It seemed more like a cool monster in terms of its looks and feel. It does, however, grab people and stuff them in a spooky bag. Enter the other inspiration, our very own James’ boneman. The boneman is basically the kidnapper, except he has a cool collection of zombies and skeletons and everything else that goes bump in the night and he happens to like bringing them around in a potato sack.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Monster - the Grimgully

    Some adventuring parties get a bad reputation for sticky fingers, but few are in the habit of carrying off entire people. The grimgully collects people, dead or alive, and may even run off with some of your adventurers! Take one for a spin, but be careful, they've been known to carry away entire hamlets if left unattended. 

Download it here:

Friday, April 23, 2021

The Sorcerer of My (and Everyone Else's) Dreams

    Dreamwalker is an archetype that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a long time. A large part of why is that my inspiration for the concepts were very difficult to convert into 5E; Wheel of Time’s Tel'aran'rhiod is isn’t exactly a character trait (it’s basically a ‘plane of dreams’ that only special mages and also wolves can enter), and Gaiman’s Morpheus is too much of a kinda-sorta-not-really god to be anything so limited as a PC. The power of dreams has inspired a huge variety of fascinating media, but that much content and variety is very difficult to boil down to something playable. 

    As the project actually settled into the start of an archetype, it was clear pretty early that this would be a Sorcerous Origin, since sorcerer is uniquely immediate in its ability to present a particular sort of magic. Other casters are always somehow flavorfully mediated; clerics are worshippers of some force or god, wizards are all scholars or one type or another, and so on. This is not to say these classes are any worse at enabling good character building (scholars and worshippers come in all sorts), but sorcerer isn’t specific in the same way. Magic is in a sorcerer’s nature, and the kind of magic they do is just as essential to them. While every other caster has to do something to get magic, sorcerers simply are magic. And, since there are no more specific rules to sorcerer flavor than that, sorcerers have the potential to embody a form of magic more directly than any other caster.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sorcerer Subclass - Dreamwalker

    For our first Sorcerer archetype, we offer a project that simmered in the Snickering Ghoul's mind for months before getting written: the Dreamwalker. Sorcerers are fun, since their archetypes lean so much into their particular flavor-identity, and traditions about the magic of dreams are some of the oldest and richest. The challenge wasn't so much to find interesting ideas, but to find a way to make them all fit into only one archetype! We're pleased with how much made it into the final, and we hope you enjoy! Let us know what you think of the subclass, and if you think any other classes should get a taste of dream magic. Until next week!
Download it here:

Friday, April 16, 2021

The Masquerade: Terror and Horror in Tabletop Roleplay

    The idea of a shapeshifting stalker is nothing new - the doppelganger as it exists in D&D goes as far back as 1st edition! Don’t get me wrong; I love the doppelganger. But, I think it's a concept that can be built upon. There is something inherently terrifying about a creature taking your form and replacing you in your life, and that terror is a key concept that I wanted to hone in on for the masquerade.

    A fair warning before I continue - this monster is deliberately terrifying and carries some intense themes with it. Take care of yourself.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Monster - the Masquerade

    Most of us who've played DnD for a while can understand the appeal of having many faces to choose from. Metaphorically speaking, at least. The literal version of such a thing sounds rather... unsettling.
    So, why not inflict it on your players? Nothing like a good face-stealing to keep the silly bastards on their toes. Let us know how it goes if you do! We'd love to hear about all the identities your version of our latest monster steals from your helpless NPCs and hapless players.
    In other news, we've just passed 100 followers on Twitter! We're very excited to see our little brewers' project grow, thank you for all of your support! As a way to celebrate, Gel Cubicles is putting out a call for projects you'd like to see us make. Tell us a little bit about an archetype, a monster, or anything else you'd like to see us tackle, and we'll put our favorite suggestions into a Twitter poll by the end of the week. We'll make whatever project wins the poll! We think it'll be a fun challenge, and we're excited to see what you all come up with for ideas. Reply here to put your concept into the running!
That's all for now. Steal some players' faces on us, yeah? We'll see you again soon.
Download it here:

Friday, April 9, 2021

Righting a Perceived Wrong - Racial Feats

It is hardly a controversial claim to say the available set of racial feats in 5th Edition is a bit lacking. Sure, there’s a fair spread for the PHB races, and even a few more broad ones based on sizes. But outside of those, and a few extremely niche ones for Planeshift releases, there seems to be an absence of racially inspired feats in a game which has a play experience largely defined by roleplaying as a fictional fantasy race.

One might argue the non-PHB races (mainly those from Volos and other setting specific books like Eberron and Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica) are both uncommon and unique enough on their own to not warrant specialized feats that play into their racial flavor and give them interesting abilities - but really, I couldn’t disagree more. Nothing makes the game feel more samey than for every Goblin to have identical abilities whereas humans, elves, tieflings, and half-orcs all strut around with diversity options.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Content Expansion - Expanded Racial Feats I

Continuing with our theme of 'content that seems like it should already exist', we present this first expansion to 5E's selection of racial feats. The racial feats of XGE were and are an excellent way to embellish a character of a certain race, but it's high time that a race other than elves got some more love. These feats begin with some of the races in Volo's, but we intend to expand the list further soon. We already have ideas, but we'd love to hear your take, too! Tell us which of these new options is most exciting to you, and let us know which other races you're most excited to see feats for!

Download it here:

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Everyone Likes Dogs, Right? Right.

  There are a lot of different ways to start an article like this - A mechanical breakdown of doing a whopping five subraces, an examination of what inspired me to tackle a dog race, what the heck does ‘groosehound’ mean, a really obvious joke about there being two whole feline races but not a single canine one.

All of these are solid ways to begin an article like this, and I can answer all of them really quickly.

“Why five subraces?” - Dogs are a varied kind of animal and I wanted Groosehounds to support a variety of playstyles and archetypes.

“What inspired you?” - I have a friend who likes cute dogs and wanted to play their character in D&D. 

“What is a Groosehound?” - A hound known for groosing.

“Haha Cat Joke.” - No.

But what I really want to talk about is the value of documents like this. Articles examining homebrew and talking about the reasoning behind it. Why do we write these? Doubtless they’re less popular than the actual homebrew content we produce. So - what’s the point?