Sunday, February 21, 2021

Magic Items and March of the Monks

The Gelatinous Cubicles team is excited to announce our new event, March of the Monks! Every Monday this March, we will be releasing a new monk archetype, as well as articles going into what went into the creation of each of these very different versions of the same exciting class. Monk is a fun challenge to design for, and we are super excited get started!

To prepare for this event, our office has opened an entirely new department of just monks, and since their contracts include a vow of poverty, we have a whole set of monastic magic items to get you all ready for a solid month of monk-content. Each of these items was handcrafted by fully-employed-yet-somehow-still-unpaid monastic artisans (artists, amirite?), and are designed to complement any kung foo fighting PCs you decide to play, whether they're a classic Open Hand or one of our new archetypes, just around the corner! Enjoy!

Download them here:

Monday, February 15, 2021

Inspiration and Building on Past Design

What makes good homebrew? What inspires it? The answers to these questions vary. It is my personal philosophy that, regardless of what the ghouls in marketing say, good homebrew is justified by your wanting its existence. That being said, when designing homebrew, it can be helpful to have a starting point in mind. Is it inspired mechanically by a certain playstyle that you’d like to see represented in the game? Perhaps it instead comes from a character cliche (and I use this word lovingly) that you’d like to model a character after, or maybe you even had a specific character in mind? Whatever your source for inspiration, keeping it at the forefront of your design will help you attain that vision without distraction or deviance.

I was in the shower when I thought of the Athlete (yes, the Sewerman does, in fact, have hygiene standards). More specifically, I was thinking on the Champion’s Remarkable Athlete and the Thief’s Second-Story Work features. The intention behind these features is fairly clear: mechanically, create a character that can move more freely around the environment than others, and flavorfully, reference the character’s exceptional athletic skill and fitness. That’s all well and good; great, actually. Clear, concise inspiration. The problem is that these features don’t really achieve what they set out to do. 

Monday, February 8, 2021

Fighter Subclass: the Athlete

While we enjoy serving outlandish new flavors of content here at Gelatinous Cubicles, sometimes you just can't beat a nice, classic vanilla archetype. Athlete is partly a response to Champion, and is a similarly 'basic' fighter, while still having more active features and style of its own. We hope you enjoy!

Download it here:

Monday, February 1, 2021

Content Expansion - Expanded Traits Tables

Player choice is one of the foundational strengths of any RPG, but sometimes, it can be more fun to not choose. Sometimes, it's more exciting to let the dice decide for us. With this new array of tables, you can not choose between nearly every race published so far, or pick a subgroup if you only want a little chaos. Let us know how you like them, and tell us what other supplements like these you'd like to see next. There are many more sorts of tables we could produce, so let us know what you'd use, and we'll make another set of tables soon!
Download it here: