Monday, March 22, 2021

Monk Subclass - Way of the Seamwright

Behold, our finale to March of the Monks! We saved the most ambitious project for last, an archetype perfect for not just a master of combat, but for a master craftsman. Seamwrights can feel and interact with the impressions left on weapons and other items people interact with, giving them a unique insight into the history of those items and the creatures who owned them. Way of the Seamwright was a complex challenge to balance, but it's been a rewarding project to bring to fruition, and an excellent capstone to our month of Monk content. 

Download it here:

We hope you've enjoyed this month long series, and that you stick with us as we move on to more and better projects soon! Jon's article about Seamwright will be out this Friday, after which we will be back to our usual bi-weekly release schedule. However, the end of one project means now we are planning more new projects to follow. Let us know what you thought of March of the Monks, and what kinds of projects you'd like to see from us next!

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