Sunday, August 29, 2021

Monster - Papples

    While some monsters are strange and unknowable, there are a few that are almost bewilderingly mundane. In a way, it can be even more unnerving for normal things to turn hostile; after all, what's left to trust when anything could be dangerous? 
    So, to exacerbate your players trust issues even more, try our newest monster, the papple. A seemingly normal apple, but with a fearsome temper and a nasty right hook. They may be CR 0, but we have seen multiple 1st level parties get wiped by these relentless little blighters. Turns out 1d4-1 is a lot more dangerous by the bushel
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Friday, August 27, 2021

Magic Item - Luedvig's Lyrical Lyre

This magic item is one for the bards, if the name didn't give it away; an uncommon instrument, Luevig's Lyrical Lyre. Players who are clever enough to speak in haikus and rhyme are rewarded with advantage on Charisma checks, as well as limited usage of the suggestion spell. We think this is a fun item to drop on your players; it makes them work a bit for their character's charisma and creativity, rather than hand waving it with some dice rolls. We're hoping that this will lead to some goofy and touching poetry and lines at the table; and that suggestion hijinks ensue!

Magic Item - Luedvig's Lyrical Lyre

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Monster - The Lady in White

Our latest monster is lifted from one of our own campaigns, an old favorite cleaned up for proper release. The Lady in White was a recurring villain, made all the more enigmatic by the fact that she never appeared when we expected her; we would be in the midst of some other quest, and she would show up, acting almost like an ally. 

Here, we have her actual stat block, but if you want to run this fearsome enemy as she original appeared, you won't need to know most of what's there for many sessions. In a lot of ways, the Lady really is the natural evolution of how a succubus operates; a normal succubus cozies up to it's prey, appearing friendly until it has what it wants. The Lady in White is the same way, but is even more difficult to see through and understand, letting her work on a grander scale and over a much longer period of time.

Philosophizing aside, we hope you enjoy running this character as much as we did.

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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Spell - Prepare for Adventure

Introducing a new 1st level conjuration spell for wizards; Prepare for Adventure! The caster of this spell reaches into the many pocket dimensions spawned by the innumerable amounts of Bag of Holdings possessed by adventurers around the multiverse, allowing them to pull out a variety of simple adventuring gear and items. This spell lines up very well with Wizard's general strengths. They can often be thought of as a party 'toolbox' of spells and magic; and what better way to play into that than literally giving them a toolbox! Gone are the days of missing that one pesky item from the Adventuring Gear table; it's all at your fingertips now!

Spell - Prepare for Adventure

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Cleric Subclass - Madness Domain

We're long overdue for a cleric, don't you think? We finally have one, but that doesn't mean we're suddenly producing fluffy, wholesome content. This particular magic priest is an expert at disrupting and confusing their enemies, and even driving them completely out of their minds. Almost every spell and feature here is devoted to twisting the psyche out of shape, popping their sanity like a grape. I wouldn't stick around for the sermon afterward; it's not likely to make sense anyway...

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Friday, August 13, 2021

Magic Item - Manacles of Infernal Obligation

This week we bring to you the Manacles of Infernal Obligation, a cursed legendary magic item of fiendish origins used to chain and command unfortunate shackled souls. The attuned creature can use these ruby bejeweled manacles to try and bind a creature, which can make a Charisma saving throw if they are not incapacitated. Once a creature is chained by the manacles, they can't harm the attuned creature or their allies, and the attuned creature can at any time declare an act that they must follow. If they don't comply, the punishment is pretty hellish. Now here's the kicker; it's an infernal magic item, so it's very definitely cursed. That curse being that when the attuned creature declares an act to be fulfilled, they also must fulfill said act, lest they also be sent into hell. We're hoping that this magic item can kickstart all sorts of hijinks, which may or not involve demons and devils!

Magic Item - Manacles of Infernal Obligation

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Variant Rules - Hybrid Damage

    Today we have a different sort of homebrew for you. In part, we have a few new spells for you to add to several classes’ toolkit. But more importantly, since I'm about to talk about it for a whole article, we’ll introduce you to a variant rule of my own creation. Hybrid damage, as I have dubbed it, has some far-reaching implications, if you or your DM choose to implement it, which we'll get into soon. 

    But, first of all, the actual content: 

    I offer you these spells first just in case you’re a rules purist, but still want something fun to add to your game. For the record, I’d add all of these to the Wizard spell list, and all but Coiled Ward to the Sorcerer and Warlock list. Artificer can have Coiled Ward, but these don’t strike me as spells divine casters would be casting, generally, but you should do whatever you want, of course.

    If you aren’t a fan of variant rules, these spells work just as written. However, these spells are designed to be used with the variant rule that we’re about to get to. Feel free to jot them down and jump ship before we start getting into the weirder stuff.

    ...Good? Then, to business!

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Magic Item - Rod of Pushing and Pulling

Today we present the Rod of Pushing and Pulling; an uncommon magic item that's packed with a lot of potential for the smart low level player. With this item, players can move objects as heavy as 500 feet toward or away from them as long as they are not being worn or carried by an unwilling creature. That's it; a fairly straightforward item in its function. But the open ended wording leads to a whole range of utility. You can move boulders, willing creatures, and all sorts of other possibilities! We hope players put this item to good and clever use in all of your campaigns!

Magic Item - Rod of Pushing and Pulling

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Artificer Subclass - Biomechanic

Artificers are problem solvers, and so far every variant of artificer has focused more or less on a specific sort of technical problem; whether it's ranged combat, medicine, or the limits of armor, each artificer has something to fix, but none of them really set about fixing themselves. We're not trying to be philosophical, to be clear. Nearly every artificer is made of weak mortal meat, and that just gets in the way of them getting things done. What if the problem an artificer could fix... was the meat problem?

Enter the Biomechanic. These technicians are specially trained to augment their own bodies with metal and magic, letting them function in ways normal humanoids can only dream of. This self-tinkering lets the biomechanic become exceptionally versatile, able to act as a bruiser, an infiltrator, or as an explorer, and it makes them much hard to kill, since some weaknesses that meat has don't translate once the meat is gone. 

The archetype is built with customizability in mind, and we hope you enjoy discovering the little sub-builds and synergies between augments that we've hidden away for you. Tell us your favorite gadgets, and let us know what you think of your new cyborg character!

Download it here:

PS- Just a friendly reminder, our newest full class, the Enjoiner, is live on DriveThruRPG as of last week! We're super excited to have it out in the wild, and we'd love to hear from you about what you about what you think of it. The free sample is here, just a post or two back, and the full document is at the link above. We hope you enjoy!