Monday, September 27, 2021

Rogue Subclass Redux - Thief

    This week we have a new flavor of content for you all. We're very proud of our original subclasses here, and a large part of why is that we put a lot of work into making sure everything is interesting to play and balanced within the greater 5e ecosystem. But, as I'm sure most of you are aware, there are parts of official 5e that don't meet the 'interesting and balanced' standard, and no, I'm not just picking on PHB ranger again. So today, we are taking a different angle to the same goal; keeping 5e exciting by adding fun new options that weren't well represented before. 

    Being the 'vanilla' rogue archetype has never excused Thief being such a boring set of features until the endgame, so here we have a re-tuned, more substantial version of the classic 'Rogue Flavor' rogue. This reworked edition should be able to at least keep pace with an average party, which is more than original Thief ever managed. We hope you enjoy!

Download it here:

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Magic Item - Axe of the Fray

Today's rare magic item comes in the form of a handaxe particularly prone to violent outbursts, being the Axe of the Fray. In most situations, this axe acts as a run of the mill +1 magic weapon. However, creatures carrying it will have to keep their eye on it; it can have a mind of its own, and all it can think about is violence. At certain initiative counts, if the weapon is not being held or carried, it will magically fling itself at a creature that hasn't yet attacked and make a weapon attack! We hope particularly bloodthirsty and/or forgetful players enjoy this violence prone axe; just make sure to keep your axes on a leash, or a particularly gruesome axeident may occur!

Magic Item - Axe of the Fray

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Monster - Douser Greatmoth

     Any nyctophobes in the house? Well, this week we have your new least favorite monster, the moth that finally did what every lesser moth wanted most: it actually got the light. Douser greatmoths eat light itself, which I suspect has some pretty dire consequences re: entropy and thermodynamics (destruction of energy is probably physically illegal for a reason), but honestly, most parties will probably kill them just cause they're big scary bugs. You'll only need to lose one campfire in a spooky forest to decide to kill these on sight, no exceptions. We hope you enjoy learning to hate these almost as much as mimics and schedule complications.

    Oh, and for those counting? That's now 3 out of 14. You know who you are.

Download it here:

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Spell - Damigos' Amazing Boast

This is a 3rd level enchantment spell; Damigos' Amazing Boast, or D.A.B for short. As a reaction to succeeding on an ability check or attack roll, you do a peculiar somatic movement that causes those surrounding to you to waste their action and movement cheering for you, largely through magical compulsion. We implore you, our loving consumers, to not hate us for our decisions, and we hope that you'll continue to follow our content despite our mistakes!

Spell - Damigos' Amazing Boast

Shiny's Sundry of Slimy Ooze: a Review

Shiny's Sundry of Slimy Ooze provides excellent oozey options for your campaign, but is perhaps best used as a minor supplement.

shiny press sundry cover art

It's no secret that we, at Gelatinous Cubicles, love us some ooze. So, when our friends at Shiny Press announced their plan to release a supplement entirely devoted to all things goopy, I was stoked.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Monster - Gifted Beasts

    Today's new homebrew, like a few of our others recently, is the first taste of what could be a rather long series. This time, we offer you the first two 'Gifted Beasts', rare animals blessed with a deeper connection to nature, and magic to go with it. Julie chose to start with the an elk and a lion, but these druidic creatures are only a few of many possible types of gifted creatures. From a design perspective, the idea for these was to use innate magic to expand upon and complement a mundane animal's existing combat traits; so, the gifted lion can now cast jump to Pounce from across the battlefield, and the gifted elk can Charge from trees for extra damage in combination with tree stride. There are a lot more animals in 5E, and so a lot more beasts for us to give gifts to, and we will, sooner or later. Sooner, if you're eager to see them! Let us know what animals you want to see empowered, and we'll start brewing. We hope you enjoy!

Download it here:

Friday, September 10, 2021

Magic Item - Gem-Gaze Dagger

Today's very rare magic item is a magical weapon in the form of a dagger capable of generating ludicrous amounts of wealth; the Gem-Gaze Dagger! When the attuned creature kills a creature with this magic weapon, they get gems of value determined by the creature's level or CR, as relevant. This magic item is perfect for a campaign to undergo uncomfortable progression. Many parties will find themselves in need of gold in order to comfortably progress; this dagger begs the question of what arts they're willing to employ to make ends meet, and who they're willing to sacrifice.

Magic Item - Gem-Gaze Dagger

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Variant Rule - Faults

    Although we love to build up the sorts of powerful things players can do in 5E, there are those who say the most interesting parts of a character are their weaknesses and limits. Super strength and eye-beams are great, sure, but Kryptonite and an ironclad moral code? That's the good stuff.

    With this in mind, I am pleased to introduce our first selection of faults, optional weaknesses for your next character. Mechanically, they act as variant feats, but with a specific detriment rather than a boon or specialty. Julie, the author behind these, has helpfully included several different ways to incorporate these new anti-feats into the existing character-building ecosystem. However, as with any variant, we hope it inspires you to make something we never could have thought of, and make them your own.

    There could be a lot more content here if we get inspired, so if there are weaknesses you think we missed or that we ought to make next, tell us! But for now, we hope you enjoy our first foray into the concept.

Download it here:

Our Year-End Favorites: 2020-2021

We've been around for a year now. Here's some stuff we like.

James the Snickering Ghoul

Honorable Mention: Bone-Turner Hag

    While I have a particular reason for each of my actual picks, Bone Turner just has to be here on vibes alone. I love running horror sessions, and one of these days I’m going to traumatize some newbie players with this, perhaps my most diabolical creation. I got to publish something with an action called Extract Bones, it just has to be here, even if it isn’t formally on the list.

    And, of course, shout out to my fellow Magnus Archive nerds. I see you, and I have a checklist, stay tuned.

    My actual list is in no particular order, as each of them are technically #1 in their own way, as you'll see.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Magic Item - Staff of the Sojourner

Adventuring parties tend to put some serious miles in, walking from town to town, and eventually even across the planes. Isn't it about time we had a magic item to make all that travel a bit less strenuous? With a Staff of the Sojourner, any party will have a much more comfortable trip to... well, anywhere, that's the point. The staff is full of useful utility spells to make your classic wilderness obstacles more manageable, and while it's not strictly meant as a combat item, never underestimate the power of a stick that's also magic. Sometimes, the best way to get back on the road is to put some highwaymen out of their misery, and the staff does that, too. Safe travels!

utility magic staff of travelers