Monday, November 15, 2021

Bard Subclass - College of Brutality

Today, we have a slice of homebrew for the metalheads and punks out there. In our experience, the overlap of DnD nerds and metal nerds is pretty large, and regardless, half of our writers are huge metal nerds, and a slightly different half are musicians. Honestly, the fact that hardcore bard took this long to happen is the only surprise.

For fans of the genre, we hope you are satisfied with how aggressively loud this particular bard is. We built most of the features around a thunder damage theme, and once you get booming blade at 6th, you won't even have to choose each turn between earthshaking noise or bloody savagery; you can play your axe and swing it, too.

Meanwhile, for bard enthusiasts just looking for some variety, this archetype has some especially brutal ways to support allies and disrupt enemies, classic hits for any bard purist. 

Did you read enemies abound and think, why doesn't this upcast? Because you weren't heavy metal enough, that's why. Now, with the power of rock music, you can start a full riot with one high level spell slot, just like the dark gods intended.

We hope you enjoy all your noise complaints.

Download it here:

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