Friday, November 5, 2021

Eldritch Invocation - Virulent Alteration

Today we offer a slight change of pace in our ordinary content cycle to introduce a new Eldritch Invocation for Warlocks; Virulent Alteration. This invocation allows you to chose a damage type from a list of types that are typical to Warlock spells and effects. You gain resistance to the type chosen and are able to use it in place of any type of damage you deal, so long as it's force damage or a type on the list! This allows Warlocks aiming for a damage type specialist build, likely taking feats such as Elemental Adept or Poisoner, to replace damage types dealt with the vast majority of their kit, including Eldritch Blast, with the damage type they are specializing in! We really like this Invocation; it allows for a new and powerful build of Warlock, as we believe all good Invocations should do. We hope you like this new addition to your games, and we'll see you next time!

Magic Item - Virulent Alteration
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