Friday, November 19, 2021

Magic Item - Siphoning Spear

Sinister magic items are very powerful worldbuilding and scene-setting tools in a DM's toolbox. While flavorful descriptions and ghoulish monsters are vital to coloring a grizzly dungeon or lair, revealing the byproducts of those settings in the form of sinister magic items can go a long way to demonstrate the scene's heinousness. However, it can be difficult to properly create a magic item that feels sinister. Sure, you can describe a sinister magic item, detailing how it looks and explaining in the flavor of the item that it 'runs off blood magic'. But at the end of the day, a +1/+1 weapon is still just that unless the mechanics of the item offer something darker.

The Siphoning Spear is a magic item of ours we believe is sinister in looks, flavor, and feel. This rare magic weapon is a rare +1/+1 spear that collects the blood of enemies when you damage them in combat, represented by charges. It collects 1 charge when you damage them with the spear, and it collects its maximum of 4 charges when you reduce a creature to 0 hit points. With these charges of blood, you can use your action to put your lips to the pommel and either drinks the blood, recovering hit points based on the number of charges expended, or shoot out hardened projectile blood akin to a blowgun, making a number of ranged attacks equal to the charges expended.

The flavor and description of this item are sinister; it constantly drips with black ichor, giving you a 'taste for fresh blood' while attuned to it. But it also makes you feel just as vile while using it; it encourages you to do as much damage with it as possible, preferably killing your opponents with it, for the sake of collecting their blood and gathering charges. From there you're literally drinking and shooting out the blood of your enemies for your own benefit; top-notch ick factor right there. We hope you put this magic item to good use in your campaigns, and we'll see you next time!

Rare Magic Item +1 Magic Weapon Siphoning Spear
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