Sunday, November 21, 2021

Monster - Deep Sea Star

Monsters that have minions are a classic, but villains have to innovate to keep up with the times. To help, we offer you the latest in hero-devouring technology: a monster made of minions. 

The Deep Sea Star, like its more mundane cousins, regrows severed limbs, and its severed limbs regenerate full sea stars. Even worse, a seemingly dead star will usually reawaken barely an hour later, meaning a single star can quickly turn into many, many monsters. And, unlike their docile cousins, every Deep Sea Star hates you, and will kill you. Without specially tailored methods, hurting a Deep Sea Star will only propagate more mouths for it to use to eat you.

Players might have trouble exterminating a Deep Sea Star infestation even with some planning, but a particularly diabolical DM could even use the star as a random encounter with especially dire consequences for an inattentive party. If they aren't careful, your players might cause an infestation themselves with only a few solid Attack actions! And that's to say nothing of what a villain with a sturdy cage and an axe could get up to over only a few days. 

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