Thursday, November 25, 2021

Spell - Madcap Spells

In case you haven't heard, here's a special announcement in the form of some new homebrew spells; we're releasing a new class for 5e, the Madcap! Similar to when we released Fiendish Chains before releasing Enjoiner, another spellcasting class of ours, we feel like presenting these original spells before we release Madcap will give a better idea on what this class accomplishes in flavor and mechanics. The Madcap is a half spellcaster that fuels its martial prowess and evocative spellcasting with its eccentric and ostentatious sense of self; or their persona. They fill a space in half caster spell lists we feel hasn't been filled yet; this hotshot half caster has a list composed entirely of flashy, swingy, and high damage spells.

The spells we've crafted and selected for this class illustrate this philosophy, represented by the predominance of evocation spells being featured. For starters, Lightshow, a dramatic high damage 3rd level evocation spell that can be spread across multiple targets, encapsulates this caster's spell list quite well. Similarly, Flash, a 1st level evocation spell that blinds creatures in a sphere, may not damage opponents, but is very, well, flashy. Another non-damaging homebrew spell we gave them is the 5th level conjuration spell Redirection, the only spell on this list not from the evocation school, which allows the Madcap to trade places with another creature when targeted by an attack, spell, or ability, easily making up for its lack of direct damage with its tricky presentation and the swing potential it carries in combat. Finally, an older spell in Arctic Rush makes a return; no damage, only style here.

We hope these spells demonstrate what Madcap is all about; pain, dramatic flavor, and big fight swinging potential. Half casters haven't had many official spells like these, such as Fireball and Lightning Bolt, on their spell lists because they're generally too powerful for characters with plenty of features and martial prowess. Additionally, Artificer, Paladin, and Ranger don't quite fit the flavor criteria to be learning powerful arcane spells. However, Madcap has specifically been balanced around possessing these highly impactful spells, lending to a very high octane half caster we hope you'll all enjoy!

It's release comes this Monday, so keep an eye out for it on our Ko-Fi shop, or get instant access upon release by subscribing at $5 or more to our Patreon; stay bold, and we'll see you then!

Download it here:

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