Monday, December 13, 2021

Barbarian Subclass - Path of the Executioner

Adventurers are the most dangerous sorts of people (mostly), and barbarians are the most deadly kind of adventurer (generally), and now, the most reliably murderous breed of barbarian is the Executioner (yes, definitely). The Path of the Executioner is extremely focused in that way; as professional headsmen, they are devoted entirely to thoroughly de-aliving their enemies. 

On top of the usual barbarian tricks, a raging executioner can deal extra damage to anyone already wounded once a turn. For the purposes of the archetype, 'wounded' is a generously broad category; a papercut or stubbed toe are all it takes for an executioner to get, at a minimum, an extra shortsword's worth of violence in every combat round. 

As an executioner matures, their taste for blood becomes more literal, and they gain new ways to chase and track anyone they've already begun to maybe start to kill. If you've ever wanted to play as a glorified shark with thumbs, then have we got the humanoid-bloodhound archetype for you. After all, what kind of a professional leaves anyone to tell the tale? If you wanted stories, you'd hire a bard.

Finally, once you've actually killed your target after 0.12 seconds, your expert technique (and low grade necromancy?) lets you draw new power from your victims, either to strengthen yourself, or to debilitate your next nearby target. That way, one poor splattered whoever will easily lead to another and another, until soon you'll be reducing entire platoons to a soup-like homogenate at astounding speeds. 

This barbarian is one of the most straightforward concepts we've done, but that just means there's all the more room for players to take it in unique directions. We've made sure it plays well, and the rest is open to you!

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