Monday, December 6, 2021

Content Expansion - Weapon Expert Feats

It's the start of another month, and that means we have more feats for you all to enjoy! This month, Julie has created some specialized weapon feats, each designed to give the dustier corners of the 5E armory some more love. There are a lot of pieces on the weaponry table that are so similar they just blend together, or else that just can't keep up with the 'optimal' weapons we all stick to. Each of these new feats set out to make some of these weapons stand out properly, or give a leg up to weapons that have always deserved better.

Blowgun Expert is perhaps the most niche of these, but takes one of the worst weapons in the game and gives it versatility and much needed stopping power. It allows a blowgun-toting character to craft specialized darts with different effects, and helps them stay hidden as they attack, both of which make it a great complement to your next assassin or any other more methodical combatant.

Flail Expert, meanwhile, adds much needed style to one of the most bland weapons in 5E. Never again will you have to worry that the flail is just a worse warhammer; the feat grants a scaling damage buff designed to simulate the growing momentum of a spinning flail, simultaneously making the weapon both more dangerous and much more unique. 

Net Fighter brings a classic gladiator fighting style to 5E, the nautically-themed retiarius or 'net-man'. Now you too can wade into the Colosseum with net and trident, and be confident that the net won't slow you down and the trident won't just be Spear_2.0. (Gladiatorial loincloth sold separately)

Thrown weapons have a Fighting Style, yes, but that wasn't enough for us, so in the tradition of such feats as Dual Wielder, Thrown Weapon Expert expands one the combat style even more. The feat is tailored carefully to fit with the existing thrown weapon options without redundancy, so you can take any or all of them without any wasted content.

Lastly, Whip Expert makes an already tricksy weapon even tricksy-er. Ever wanted to two-weapon fight with whips? We got you. Grappling with reach? Well, kinda, we're not that mad with power yet (although, you can fund our descent into the howling void here). Still, we expect the Indiana Jones fanboys among you will be very pleased with this one.

We're super excited to hear what you think of these, so let us know! Who knows, there may be more specialty weapons feats on the horizon, if we could only decide which weapons to write about. After all, we have a history of making new, weirder weapon options, so why would we stop now? If you have an underrated favorite, be very loud at us and it may be next!

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