Friday, December 17, 2021

Magic Item - Bile-Purifying Poison

Last week we released the Wondrous and Wacky Wishing Bones, an engaging set of consumable items, along with our position on consumable magic items. Just recently we also released the Siphoning Spear, a particularly sinister magical item. We have synthesized our philosophies on these magic items to bring you a rather spooky consumable item; one that requires subterfuge and wit to reap the full potential. And it happens to be the most popular of one-off items, being a potion. A particularly grotesque one at that.

The Bile-Purifying Poison is a rare 'potion' with some disturbing side effects on ingestion. A creature that drinks this potion must make a Constitution saving throw. If they succeed, they take some poison damage for your trouble of getting them to literally drink poison. If they fail things get a bit dicey for them, as they become poisoned and take poison damage every turn until they drop or are otherwise healed. But the fun doesn't stop there! A creature that dies with this potion in its belly has a tasty surprise for whoever pushes down on the protruding poisoned organ. Assuming said action is taken, the corpse retches a bright red liquid with blood viscosity, which can be used as a potion capable of healing an amount of d8s equal to the dead creature's Constitution modifier. 

We feel as though this item has a pretty menacing vibe to it; it turns its victim's insides into fruit punch. If you're trying to make your party feel uncomfortable about a tool at their disposal, this should get the job done. Beyond that, it's a very dynamic consumable item! Even though it's technically a single-use item, the creature that uses it has a lot of planning to put this toy at the center, and they get a lot of mileage off it! We hope you enjoy this healthy snack, and we'll see you next time!

5e Rare Potion Poison Horror of Healing
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