Sunday, December 19, 2021

Magic Items - Faded Relics

As many traumatized DMs already know, keeping a party balanced can be... difficult once they've been given only a few magic items. This issue goes triple for legendary items, but as we all know, legendary items are super cool. Caught between these two truths, what are we to do?

One possible answer is our offering for today; magic items that grow over time. Each of these items has charges, but instead of spending them to use the item's powers, the item slowly gains charges, and grows in potency at certain thresholds. The items are designed to strengthen in tandem with your players, so that you can give them a strange, interesting item at a relatively low level, and let them build up to a legendary artifact, rather than suffer the rebalancing nightmare of a fighter suddenly having a vorpal sword.

For this first batch, we've included a weapon and two different wondrous items, and while each build charges, they do so in different ways. While some of these may be best as a new sub-leveling system, like the penitent blade of thorns, others may be more fun as a puzzle in and of themselves. A party with an unidentified hungry coin pouch might get very paranoid as their gold starts disappearing, or, if they're wealthy and unlucky enough, they might accidentally make the pouch jump up a tier before they even know how to use it! 

These three are to some degree a proof of concept, so we hope they get you thinking. If you think of anything especially juicy, we'd love to hear about it here, or on Patreon! If we get more ideas, you'll definitely see more of these soon. Enjoy!

Download them here:

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