Sunday, December 26, 2021

Monster - Clockwork Golem

As we approach the end of another year, many of us seem to feel the passage of time more heavily than other times of year. Part of the fun of roleplaying is to escape this ennui, but if you've ever wanted to crush your players' characters under the overpowering weight of time, then we now have the perfect monster for your next encounter.

The clockwork golem is not just named for its little gears; an automaton with the ability to alter time, it makes itself faster and slippery-er-er than its larger golem cousins, and its attacks leave its victims briefly trapped in mystical torpor. Despite an unassuming appearance, this golem can steamroll a party that gets caught in the golem's slow effect too often, as the golem zips across the battlefield without a care in the world.

After the golem finishes making the party feel old and feeble, it may be best to give them a more cheerful encounter, like this guy who likes making costumes with his friends, or this old lady devoted to self-improvement through body-positivity. Or, if you really want to just send your players directly from your table to therapy, introduce them to some true abominations to really drive the point home.

We hope you're enjoying the holidays so far, and that you're as excited for the new year as we are!

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