Sunday, January 9, 2022

Monster - Consciousness Cluster

We've had a run of (relatively) wholesome posts for you the last few weeks, but we all knew it couldn't last forever. Now, we return to our regularly scheduled programming: monsters that will kill your players' characters and ruin their ability to sleep.

The consciousness cluster is a collection of stolen minds, roaming the world searching eternally for more minds to steal and graft onto itself. Even being near such a creature is harmful to a healthy psyche, but left unchecked the cluster can rip a person's mind right out, trapping it in amongst its chaotic collection until the cluster as a whole is slain.

In actual gameplay, the cluster acts as a mobile hazard zone, as it is quite slow, and most of its dangerous traits operate within a short radius of itself. Once one is in close, though, the cluster's aura can keep conceivable keep an entire party stunned for turns and turns if they aren't properly protected. If you need a monster to challenge players to play tactically or else drown in psychic damage, the consciousness cluster has got you covered.

At a higher level, the cluster could be an interesting supplement to other aberration-themed encounters. A clutch of mind flayers may decide to cultivate consciousness clusters as sort of psionic artillery sentinels, using them to supplement their already mindless thralls, or as perimeter guards to their territory.

We're pleased with how our latest nasty tentacle child has grown up, and we hope you enjoy ruining your party's day with it sometime soon. Let us know how it runs, and what sort of critters your table needs next!

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