Sunday, January 2, 2022

Paladin Subclass - Oath of Passion

In celebration of the New Year, we are happy to introduce our first paladin archetype! Hard to say why it took us over a year to get around to it, but Julie has come through for us! Naturally, the Oath of Passion is the most celebratory of the holy knights, inspired as much by the more jovially wholesome side of frat brothers as by religious knights.

The Oath of Passion is designed to be a very social archetype, using it's mastery of revelry to mediate disputes and ingratiate itself to others, acting as a more informal kind of diplomat. However, the Oath is also devoted to cultivating much closer relationships; if you're a fan of flirtatious bard characters but you're looking for something new, then Passion is the oath for you.

In combat, Oath of Passion brings the paladin's stopping power to bear in a new way, using spells and Channel Divinity to use the charmed condition in battle, and to protect their beloved party members. For maximum benefit, pair with an enchantment wizard or, better yet, a College of Bonds bard, and keep your enemies guessing if they should even be fighting such lovely, trustworthy heroes.

We hope you enjoy our penultimate first subclass, and that you're as excited as we are for what we intend to be a very big year for us here at Gelatinous Cubicles. If you want to help our cause, we're devilishly close to reaching our next Patreon goal, which will have us launch an official community Discord server! That is but one of many reasons to support us, and more are in the works even now. 

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