About Us

Who We Are

Gelatinous Cubicles is made up of a small team of four close friends. We met in our undergraduate years (circa-2017) and quickly bonded over a shared interest in 5th Edition. We've been a tight playgroup ever since, spending countless nights together in-and-out-of-session. It didn't take long for us to start developing homebrew, seeking feedback from each other and collaborating frequently. Though we have since graduated and gone our separate ways, we founded this group in 2020 with the goal of continuing our friendship and providing quality homebrew to the 5e community.

We pride ourselves on creating some of the best stuff out there; while we can't guarantee perfection, a piece of Gelatinous Cubicles comes with a certain seal of approval. All of our material is playtested and peer-reviewed to ensure that the community receives homebrew of the highest quality possible!

Contact Us!

  • Email: gelcubicle@gmail.com

Our Team

Trent "the Sewerman" Hanson
I had never taken the plunge into tabletop RPG's until I met James and Jon. Soon after, however, I dove headfirst into the world of 5e, quickly moving from player to DM. My one true love is dark fantasy, as I love exploring moral quandaries and intense themes through the game. Among some of my favorite properties to draw inspiration from is Dark Souls, the Witcher, and Game of Thrones. Still, I will always advocate for a sensitive and inclusive tabletop community. Follow me: @trent_gc
Jonathon "the Kobold Wrangler" Engstrom
I got into D&D conceptually with 3.5, but didn't start playing in earnest until I met James, Julian and Trent in college. Ever since I've been playing, creating, arguing, and occasionally shouting out dramatic lines at the table louder than intended. When I play tabletop games, my chief concern is roleplay and game feel. I like conveying enjoyable experiences through abilities, interesting character ideas, and situations where those facets can shine. Follow my kobold: @GCHelpfulKobold

Julie "the Woozy Floomph" Hunter
I'm the newest to TTRPGs in the Gelatinous Cubicles team, having played 5e for about 3 years now, and the hobby has quickly become one of my favorites. I love homebrewing because it allows for the adaptation of tons of really cool ideas! I greatly value the potential for DnD and TTRPGs to be anything a group wants them to be. As for my game preferences, I usually tend to enjoy the fantastical and light-hearted. Nothing like a good time with the gang. Come say hi! @Hunter16Julian

James "the Snickering Ghoul" Urbec
I started playing DnD my first year of college, learning 3.5 min-maxing at the knee of a modern viking before exploring 5e on my own. I focus on narrative intrigue more than anything else. I bend any and every rule to make the story more satisfying, and nothing is ever as simple as it first appears if I have my way. For homebrew, I'm always looking to expand the tools we have to tell our stories, but tempered by strong desire to keep options balanced properly. Follow me: @DrewUrbec