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We have loved releasing our material freely and publicly, and plan to keep doing so. Unfortunately, that doesn't help us make ends meet. We're in this for the long haul; when we began, we wanted to start something that would bring us closer together as friends and D&D players. We've loved everything leading up to this point, and now we want to try and make something more of our art and our site! What does that look like?

We want to hire artists for our documents, release content more frequently, create more ambitious projects, and more! There's only one way we can grow to share something like that with the community, though - and that's support.

With the help of the generous tabletop community, we hope to release more projects of an ever-growing scale and standard of quality. Dungeons, classes, and more are on the horizon! Of course, don't feel obligated to give. But, if you can spare the resources, know that your help will go a long way in fulfilling our vision for the future!

We have two platforms that you can use to support us, both of which offer a safe, convenient way to put some extra resources in our hands (or pseudopods, if you please):

Ko-fi offers an easy way to purchase our premium material or send us a small, one-time donation. It's simple and easy, and there's no worry or pressure once it's done - just the satisfaction of helping out a few independent creators! Ko-fi also takes no fees, so you're directly supporting us.

Patreon offers a more complex, but more rewarding subscription-based system. Depending on how much you 'pledge' to us monthly, we will thank you with a variety of perks depending on your pledge tier. There's plenty in the works, and there will only be more to come as our community grows, so be sure to visit the page for more details!

We thank you greatly for your support, and hope to keep providing this community with excellent, free homebrew for many years to come!

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